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Online tool - check your website for broken links
Dead Link Checker
Random numbers for games lotteries, etc.
Random Number Generator
Sliding block puzzles, from simple to impuzzible
Tile Puzzles
Fiendish number puzzle game, use the clues to open the lock.
Combination Lock
Reliquary for more
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Pointless Tools

Saying "I am so bored (or Im so bored)?" Well, have we the site for you! YES!! The floor bored site of the internet - tons of pointless playthings, tools and things to fiddle with that you will not be so bored anymore. "Board sight" or "bored site" - It is your call....
Tools and utilities for the things you didn't know you needed tools and utilities for.

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Excuse generator - I was busy reading the internet
Exotic Fonts - Glitch up your text messages
Explorables - Interactive explanations of technical concepts
Fake Music Generator - Random albums of computer generated music
Fancy font generator - Convert text to fancy unicode fonts 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤
Fantasy Map Generator - Comprehensive tool for generating maps of non-existent worlds
Fantasy Name Generators - Generate a name - so many categories.
Fata Morgana - Google Maps - but without the map.
Find a grave - Find out where anyone is buried.
Flightradar24 - View every flight in realtime. So many people going to so many places!
Flip a coin - Will it be heads? Will it be tails? The suspense!
Flip Title - uʍop-ǝpısdn ɟɟnʇs ǝʇıɹʍ
Fold'n'Fly - Make your own paper airplanes!
Free Chocolate - Amazing experiment - chocolate downloaded straight to your fridge
Free moustache - Just for you, a free moustache!
Frinkiac - Simpsons quote database, meme-maker
Full Deck - A list of insults, along the lines of 'one card short of a full deck'
Fun with Words - Epeolatry for all
Gallifreyan translator - What's your name in Gallifreyan?
Gazebo tutorial - Tutorial on how (not) to erect your garden gazebo.
Geek typer - Hack like a geek from the movies
GibGen - A gibberish generator. It's crusty bitheet PEST Pizza.
Global Fishing Watch - Where are all the fish hanging out? And who's chasing them?
Google60 - Search engine running on punched cards. Oddly, needs a modern browser to run.
Graph paper - Print free graph paper. The print button is near the bottom, not the big advert in the middle.
Guitar chords - Play guitar chords. Click 'save' on the guitar to create your own sequence, then go to 'my chords'
Guitar Hero on the web - Actually "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2" - but like Guitar Hero!
Hash game - how in th
Heinz Automato 2 - It's automatic.
Hello - How to say hello to anyone, or anything
Hermit Crabs - How to care for your hermit crab
Hexwords - Hexadecimal color codes that look like words. Nerdy fun.
How big is my potato - Handy interactive utility for measuring potatoes, with cooking-time guide
How secure is my password - How long would it take a desktop PC to hack your passwords?
How to Read a Ruler - Woo... scary fractions.
Howjsay - How to pronounce english words.
HowToBasic - How to perform everyday tasks
Hue Test - Check your colour vision - drag and drop each row so the colours are in order from left to right. Low scores are best.
Idea Generator - Random idea generator.
Illogicopedia - An encyclopedia of complete and utter pointless twaddle.
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