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Sound and Music

All the best musical and sound-oriented Pointless Sites, gathered together into
one symponic, philharmonic, cacophonic collection of sonic pointlessness. Pointless sounds, pointless music, pointless noise....
Pointless sites that include audio...

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Soundcheck - Intro is in German, bear with it...
Imaginary Soundscape - Artificial Intelligence generates sounds to accompany any image
Meteor echoes - Listen in live to radio echoes from meteors
Fish heads - From the weird corner of youtube. Eat them up! Yum!
Ouais Mais Bon - Pffft!
Theremin - Leon Theremin plays the Theremin
Putin on the Ritz - George Bush and Vladimir Putin, just having a great time together.
Chicken song - Old McDonald chicken song, on repeat. Bok bok!
Soluble -
Soupy George - Soup on yer 'ead
Lithuania - Welcome to Lithuania, land of beautiful ladies
Duck song 2 - The annoying duck is back. First song here
PS4 vs Xbox One - Which one is better?
Parry Gripp - Quirky songs and videos (from the guy who made Chimpanzee Riding on a Segway)
Chimpanzee... - ... riding on a Segway
Furby organ - A furby-powered electronic organ. Ahhhh.
Why is the rum gone? - DaJugglingFool remix - this will be stuck in your mind all day...
Hobbit trailer cats - It's the hobbit trailer, with cats.
BeepBox - Multitrack music composer - publish your work with a single URL
Duck song 3 - The duck is back - again! Is he planning something?
Olaf's fancy footwork - Help Olaf with his dance moves
Underwater Ice Fishing - Clever underwater video
Sad violin - Sob, sob!
Zefrank... - talented?
Franker Zee - Franker Zee Franker Zee Franker Zee Franker Zee
Dancing in the dark - Dancing in the dark can be a dangerous activity
Skiing trombonist - Would Wagner approve? Part 2 is here
Silly Boy - Yarrr.
Typewriter - Tick-a-tick-a-tick-a-tick-a-tick. Ping!
Bark like a dog - How to bark like a dog
Draco - More from the Potter Puppet Pals
Picard loves cake - I doubt he loves the song though.
Otamatone Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody, played by Otamatones.
Scottish Dance of the Day - A themed Scottish country dance for (almost) every day of the year
Chicken EDM - Rubber chicken dance music
New Math - Tom Lehrer song with animations. How's your octal?
12 hours of laughter - Ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha...
Going to the moon - Going to the moon in a cardboard box
Seven Eleven - Playing a 7/11 polyrhythm inside a 7-Eleven on July 11th at 7:11 for 7 minutes and 11 seconds
Theremin - Play your own virtual theremin with a mouse or touchscreen! Click the circle first.
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