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Sound and Music

All the best musical and sound-oriented Pointless Sites, gathered together into
one symponic, philharmonic, cacophonic collection of sonic pointlessness. Pointless sounds, pointless music, pointless noise....
Pointless sites that include audio...

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Egg - "I love egg"
Drama Button - Love it...
Llama song - Yvette loved it so much she learnt all the lyrics!
Pirates - Are you a pirate?
Trump Donald - Toot!
Don't hug me I'm scared - Disturbing animation. Part 2 is here.
Magical Trevor - The original - an irritatingly catchy song
My noise - Configurable relaxing background noise generator
Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
Chicken on a raft - ...on a monday morning...
iiiiiiii - !!!!!!!! (sound on)
Taking the Hobbits... - They're taking the hobbits to Isengard
Click the colour - and not the word
Hiyoooo! - Hiyoooo! - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
Plink - A multiplayer music experience
All Your Base are belong to us - why be bored when you can listen to this to us...
The Fox - Time for a revival. Elephant goes toot. Seal goes ow ow ow. But what does the Fox say?
Magical Trevor 3 - Magic with a Chinchilla - third in the series - funny animation
Space is fun - bloop
Chicken Techno - ...
Magical Trevor 2 - Trevor does a new trick, with a new song...
Guitar Hero on the web - Actually "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2" - but like Guitar Hero!
Anasomnia - by Ana Somnia. Don't turn out the light...
Dancing freakishly - as this Kat....
Dragostea Din Tei - We love this!
Chicken Nugger - Your son is hungry. You don't understand.
Magical trevor 4 - Magical toe
Touch pianist - Piano Hero?
Dog - A pointless dog video
Chicken monkey duck - ...
007 theme on floppies - Don't throw out those old floppy drives - use them to make sweet music!
Four horses - Boom de boom, tsshhhhh
Sawyer - The "Lost" Version of the Llama song - comic animation
Pi sung - The digits of Pi.... sung....
Elements - Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium....
Wintergatan - Musical Marble Machine
KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKO - ...Kokoro kokoro KOKORO kokoROKOkoro KOKOroko KORO koko Kokoro-chan iu na
Flur - Drift through the dream-like world of Flur. Learn... Grow... Explore... Is there any point to this? Red = bad! Love it - 85 achievements - Welcome to zombo com
Dr Tran - Talking card... (What?)
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