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Slightly Interesting

Billed as "Slightly Interesting"... This is actually the definitive list of useless facts (or useless junk?) listed under the Slightly Interesting section of pointless sites. The facts are junk - but the junk isn't a fact... As this is apparently "slightly interesting"... You decide... useless or not?
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Look-alikes - Look-a-like pictures....
Lorem ipsum - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Lost cat - and the "Lost cat" poster
M.O.T.M. - Molecule of the Month - interesting chemistry stories
Mandelbrot Set - Mandelbrot - an exploration in pure mathematics
MapCrunch - Cool Google Streetview images.
Mars Trek - NASA site, an interactive Mars map, with a 3D mode
Mathematically correct breakfast - Practise on a bagel. Then try this!
Mattress Dominoes - World record attempt....
McDonalds every second - What McDonalds sells every second
Mediaeval Bestiary - Natural history in the Middle Ages. Check out the elephant!
Message from the future - Goodbye to print?
Meteor echoes - Listen in live to radio echoes from meteors
Metric Birthday - When will you be 10,000 days old?
Michael Bach - A collection of optical tricks and illusions
Mississippi - History of the Mississippi River, and loads of other interesting maps.
Molossia - Molossia, a self-declared micro-nation.
Museum of hoaxes - Top 100 April fool's hoaxes
My hovercraft... - full of eels. In any language you like.
Mythology - Everything you ever wanted to know about ancient myths and legends
Ncase me - Things you can play - mostly somewhat weird
New Years Exercise - Now's the time...
Nice cup of tea - Nice cup of tea and a sit down. Reviews of biscuits.
Ninja Cat comes closer without moving - I am bored
Nixie - Making a Nixie Tube
Novel Ideas - Tips on writing your first novel
Null Island - Null Island -the busiest place that doesn't exist
NYC Streetview -1940s - 1940s photos of every building in New York City
Oddlee - A cute animated adventure story for younger children
One million giraffes - His friend J°rgen...
One Million Lines - An artist's ambition to draw a million lines, one by one
One red paperclip - One guy's story of how he traded a red paperclip for,,, well, read it and see!
Online Pregnancy Test - hummm
Optimist vs pessimist - xkcd's take on the glass-half-full vs glass-half-empty question
Oracle of Bacon - Are all actors connected to Kevin Bacon?
Orbis - Google Maps for Romans
Orkney and the Shetlands - Peculiar placenames in the Orkney and Shetland islands.
Paper - Keep folding the paper
Paper clips - Who knew there were so many different types of paper clip?
Particle Lab - :....:::..::
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