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Slightly Interesting

Billed as "Slightly Interesting"... This is actually the definitive list of useless facts (or useless junk?) listed under the Slightly Interesting section of pointless sites. The facts are junk - but the junk isn't a fact... As this is apparently "slightly interesting"... You decide... useless or not?
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Deleted articles - Articles with odd titles that were deleted from Wikipedia
Devil's Dictionary - Cynical definitions. See the preface for more info
DHMO - This stuff is everywhere
Dice Simulator - Seconds of fun. Roll 6 ones? 1 in 47,000 chance
Dinosaur Pictures - For all your dino-related information and pictures
DNA - Animation and microscopic filming shows DNA in action
Do nothing for 2 minutes - Just relax for 2 minutes
Don't click it - An experiment in click-less user interface. Possibly not so good on a touchscreen...
Draw a stickman - Just draw a stickman....
Dream Archive - Read about the dreams of others, submit your own
Drive and Listen - Listen to the radio, and just watch as you are driven around the world
Earth clock - A clock created using satellite imagery.
Earth Temperature - How has Earth's temperature varied since the last ice age?
Earth-Moon Firepole - What if you could slide down a pole from the Moon to the Earth?
Earthquakes - Real-time map and earthquake information
Easter egg archive - A list of easter eggs
Elephants - How elephants were imagined by people who hadn't seen one
English - British vs American English
Entire world history - The history of the entire world
Epic Conway's Life - Cellular Automata with epic music. - Heaps of pointless interactive nonsense. Catchy domain name...
Euclidea - Geeky geometry game
Every last drop - A nice lesson about water, just scroll down.
Every satellite - Interactive graphic showing every known satellite
Every satellite - Interactive map detailing every satellite currently in orbit
Exam failures - Epic exam failures from Russel Howard's Good News
Exit Mundi - How will the world end?
Explorables - Interactive explanations of technical concepts
Fabricated - A stop-motion journey through an alien world which was once our own.
Facts - Some facts about things.
FACTSlides - A slideshow of interesting and curious facts.
Fantasy Map Generator - Comprehensive tool for generating maps of non-existent worlds
Far Future - Infographic showing the (very) far future of the Earth. We're doomed.
FBO Particles - A strange grey gaseous spherical... thing?
Fiction - The contest to write the worst opening sentence possible.
Fictional colours - Is that dress octarine and squant, or is it smaudre and onsible?
Final debate songified - US Presidential debate, in song
Find the Difference - Spot the difference (s).... fun!
Fireflies - Fireflies, fireflies, how do they synchronise?
Flat Earth Society - Oh dear.
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