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Slightly Interesting

Billed as "Slightly Interesting"... This is actually the definitive list of useless facts (or useless junk?) listed under the Slightly Interesting section of pointless sites. The facts are junk - but the junk isn't a fact... As this is apparently "slightly interesting"... You decide... useless or not?
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Null Island - Null Island -the busiest place that doesn't exist
Colour changing card trick - No camera tricks!
Fireflies - Fireflies, fireflies, how do they synchronise?
Wealth inequality - Scale graphics of wealth inequality in the USA
Internet live stats - Live statistics on internet usage. Fascinating.
Armadillo online - Everything you ever wanted to know about armadillos
primes - Ten thousand prime numbers
Sound - All about sound
Time travel - Time travel instructions via youtube
Orbis - How long would your trip have taken in the Roman Empire?
Sell! Sell! Sell! - Scroll down for some scary capitalism statistics
Hexwords - Hexadecimal color codes that look like words. Nerdy fun.
Jetpunk - New daily quizzes to test your knowledge
Elephants - How elephants were imagined by people who hadn't seen one
Printing Money - Where does all the money go?
FBO Particles - A strange grey gaseous spherical... thing?
Ten years ago - What was the internet doing ten years ago?
Apod - A new astronomy picture every day
English - British vs American English
Random street view - See the world!
Nice cup of tea - Nice cup of tea and a sit down. Reviews of biscuits.
Bizarre Labs - Experiments to do in your kitchen
Castles - Castles made of castles made of castles... fractal building blocks
Save the Sounds - Museum of endangered sounds
The Butterfield Diet Plan - Yummy pork cylinders
Unladen Swallow airspeed velocity estimation - Do you mean an African or European Swallow?
Crossings - Songs that wrote themselves
Language Squad - How many languages or alphabets can you identify?
Bomomo - Create post-modernist art worthy of the Tate.
Deep Sea - Scroll down through the ocean depths. It's weird down there.
McDonalds every second - What McDonalds sells every second
Pinball Database - IPDB - the Internet Pinball Database
HORG - A website dedicated to the classification of those plastic tabs used to close bags.
Size of Space - Just how big is space?
Look-alikes - Look-a-like pictures....
British food - American guys trying British food. Anyone for Marmite?
Button Museum - An online museum of buttons/badges
Space Probes - Handy chart giving info on all active space probes
Salad in a box - What gardening rules do you like to break?
Earth-Moon Firepole - What if you could slide down a pole from the Moon to the Earth?
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