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Slightly Interesting

Billed as "Slightly Interesting"... This is actually the definitive list of useless facts (or useless junk?) listed under the Slightly Interesting section of pointless sites. The facts are junk - but the junk isn't a fact... As this is apparently "slightly interesting"... You decide... useless or not?
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Bart's Blackboard - An archive of Bart Simpson's chalkboard lines
Watch it Shred - Shred of the week
M.O.T.M. - Molecule of the Month - interesting chemistry stories
Road Bike Party 2 - Don't try this at home
Top 10 zen - A whole site devoted to top 10 lists
Future Me - Send an email to yourself... in the future!
Mathematically correct breakfast - Practise on a bagel. Then try this!
interrobang - You mean to say you've never heard of it ‽
Blank - A plain white page. Or is it?
Bizarre Labs - Experiments to do in your kitchen
Turned to stone - What to do if you are literally petrified
Sumerian insults - Genuine ancient Sumerian insults, from 2100 BCE
My hovercraft... - full of eels. In any language you like.
Chaos Equations - Mathematical fireworks
Window Swap - Look out of somebody else's window.
Universe forecast - What is the future of the universe?
Trolley problem - Moral conundrums with gruesome outcomes
Rhymezone - Rhyming dictionary website, all right? Possibly not pointless, actually, factually.
Every noise at once - Know your Mathcore from your Protopunk? Examples of all music genres.
The Big CB - An Artificial Intelligence playground
Time travel - Time travel instructions via youtube
Pass the Pigs - How to Win at "Pass the Pigs" - a statistical analysis of your chances of throwing a Leaning Jowler
How animals eat their food - It's almost exactly like being at the zoo at feeding time.
primes - Ten thousand prime numbers
common words - How many common English words can you list in 5 minutes? We found 45
Armadillo online - Everything you ever wanted to know about armadillos
A Better World - Your chance to rewrite history.
What if? - Serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions
Random street view - See the world!
Internet live stats - Live statistics on internet usage. Fascinating.
Anvil vs Press - Can you crush an anvil with a hydraulic press?
Orkney and the Shetlands - Peculiar placenames in the Orkney and Shetland islands.
Nice cup of tea - Nice cup of tea and a sit down. Reviews of biscuits.
Carrot Museum - Discover the power of carrots!
Null Island - Null Island -the busiest place that doesn't exist
Castles - Castles made of castles made of castles... fractal building blocks
Every last drop - A nice lesson about water, just scroll down.
Slinky Machine - Building a slinky escalator
Dream Archive - Read about the dreams of others, submit your own
Orbis - Google Maps for Romans
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