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Slightly Interesting

Billed as "Slightly Interesting"... This is actually the definitive list of useless facts (or useless junk?) listed under the Slightly Interesting section of pointless sites. The facts are junk - but the junk isn't a fact... As this is apparently "slightly interesting"... You decide... useless or not?
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Chicken or Egg - Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
Stone Balancing - Amazing balancing art by Adrian Gray
Shakespearean insulter - "[Thou art] a pipe for Fortune's finger to sound what stop she please"
Every satellite - Interactive map detailing every satellite currently in orbit
Sound - All about sound
Lego drone - Making a Lego quadcopter
Phobia List - A to Z facts on phobias
Wikipedia Text Adventure - An old-school text adventure, using Wikipedia for its map
Animal sounds - Italian elephants say 'baaa'
FACTSlides - A slideshow of interesting and curious facts.
Printing Money - Where does all the money go?
P-Table - An interactive periodic table of the elements
Death by caffeine - Can it really be THAT bad for you?
Colour changing card trick - No camera tricks!
Hello - How to say hello to anyone, or anything
Hoaxes - The Museum of Hoaxes
Zork - Zork - the original massive free text adventure.
Trust - The evolution of trust
Screwdrivers - The History of the Humble Screwdriver
Devil's Dictionary - Cynical definitions. See the preface for more info
Pun Jokes - Groan.
Ten Walruses of Zen - The human condition, as revealed by walruses (and various other aquatic mammals).
Inside a firework display - Firework display filmed with a drone
Language Squad - How many languages or alphabets can you identify?
Elephants - How elephants were imagined by people who hadn't seen one
Entire world history - The history of the entire world
Deep Sea - Scroll down through the ocean depths. It's weird down there.
Chicken x road - Why the chicken crossed the road, according to famous scientists
The Butterfield Diet Plan - Yummy pork cylinders
English - British vs American English
Story A.I. - Start a story, let an Artificial Intelligence finish it for you
Biggest insects - What is the biggest insect in the world?
Size of Space - Just how big is space?
Spidey senses - Spider eyes don't move, so how do they look around?
Dante's Inferno - Navigate your way through Dante's Inferno, point & click style.
Connect the dots - Parabolas and Cardioids, with Vi Hart. Keep up at the back!
Grammar - Solve those grammatical conundrums; it's easy!
Oracle of Bacon - Are all actors connected to Kevin Bacon?
Slow Down Now - Website of the International Institute of Not Doing Much
Wikigame - Race through wikipedia pages trying to link one topic to another
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