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Reliquary - The Most Neglected Pointless Sites

The pointless sites with the least votes - pointless relics. If a site is listed here - it must be REALLY bad! Rescue a site from this ignominious page - vote for it now! These pointless relic sites are listed "least votes" first IYSWIM.
The most Unpopular pointless site is at the top - Vote for it and it will probably move postion! Yay!

Interplanetary Postal Service - Deliver the mail without crashing your space lander
Nootbusters - Who ya gonna call to make it stop?
Teach me to fly - Teach a wingsuited penguin to fly through buildings
Animated Drawings - Bring your own drawings to life
The Bellies - Odd animation. Beware of the snails.
Konis Hupen - Those Tyroleans really know how to have a good time!
Mondrian and Me - Instant modern art
Random art gallery - Classic art from around the world
Binary Piano - Who knew counting could be so musical?
Classic Mahjong - Mahjong Solitaire game, with more than 100 layouts.
Echoes - Pink Floyd's "Echoes" with an incredible A.I. generated video.
In The Past - Eveerything you see is in the past, apparently
Windy TV - Watch world-wide weather
Dad Laugh - Ha ha ha
Pi song - You know the words, sing along!
One Square Minesweeper - Use your skilll and logic to find the mine
Like Like - The online museum of multiplayer art
Chicken symphony - Igorrr and his performing hens
Tree FM - Forest sounds from around the world
Office Museum - Can you tell the genuine pencil sharpener from all the impostors?
Banana Phone - Ring ring ring ring banana phone
Drive and Listen - Listen to the radio, and just watch as you are driven around the world
Old Computers - How it all started...
TimeZone clock - Every timezone at once
aQWERTYon - Use your keyboard to accompany a selection of tunes.
Hot dog wobble test - Just how wobbly is that hot dog?
Apod - A new astronomy picture every day
Wikitrivia - Put random events in historical order
Soccer Snakes - Snakes playing soccer! Press space to start, arrows to move.
Demolo - 3-D tile matching game

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