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Fiendish number puzzle game, use the clues to open the lock.
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Pointless Numbers

Welcome to the pointless numbers area of pointless sites. With number facts to amaze the unfazed. Some pointless numbers are so big that they have a name - look out for googolplexianth [maybe the smallest number with a name] coming soon. And that's a fact! Wikipedia refuse to recognise googolplexian and googolplexianth - please lobby them!! ;-)
385, 9800045, 55.9, 776, 9, -55032.1, 742, 998, 23.6657, -1, ...

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People in Space - How many people are in space right now?
How fast - How fast are you travelling right now?
Correlated - Odd correlations
Paper - Keep folding the paper
xmas clock - Is it Christmas yet?
Robot Jobs - Will robots take your job?
Gridwatch - The UK's National Grid Status
CurrentMillis - How many milliseconds is it since the start of 1970?
List of numbers - A list of numbers (incomplete)
Googolplex written out - The number Googolplex written out in a book and a series of PDF documents.
Octamatics - The power of eight
Boogie maths - Maths explained through the medium of dance
The Universe is Dark - An incremental game about lighting up the universe.
3n+1 - A simple but unsolved mathematical problem
Primes - Like 2048, but make the biggest prime number you can
Sudoku slam - Online sudoku puzzle generator/solver
The Mathematical Danger of Voting - Elections might seem like they produce results people want, but that isn't always the case.
Paperclips - Build your own paperclip empire
Other Worlds - How old are you in Martian years?
Sleep Calculator - If I go to sleep now, when should I wa... Z-Z-z-z-z-z-z
Secret Santa - How to do Secret Santa properly
2048 - Remember this? Use the arrow keys to combine blocks, try to reach 2048
Binary comes to life - 011010011
Binary Piano - Who knew counting could be so musical?
Pi song - You know the words, sing along!
Days since incident - Tracking natural disasters on Earth
Mousepoint - A clickless mouse game
Combination lock - Addictive "Crack the code" math game - progressive and multiplayer modes.
Wealth inequality - Scale graphics of wealth inequality in the USA
Spend - Spend Bill Gates' money
primes - Ten thousand prime numbers
Orbis - How long would your trip have taken in the Roman Empire?
Sell! Sell! Sell! - Scroll down for some scary capitalism statistics
Kamogo Lottery - How long will it take to win?
Nonogram frvr - Nonogram puzzles. Gorgeous!
McDonalds every second - What McDonalds sells every second
Progress - Visualizing cycles
Falling time - 3D time, constantly falling.
Dice Simulator - Seconds of fun. Roll 6 ones? 1 in 47,000 chance
Covid Calculator - Interactive epidemic explainer
Desmos Art - Drawing with equations. Check out "Paris street"
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