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Pointless Pictures

A gallery of cool pictures, funny pictures, and weird/odd pictures. These pictures (sights) have been submitted to pointless sites as examples of pointlessness. Although we think some are funny and slightly cool - although it aint cool in the office today thats for sure. :-( What a picture!
Also pointless sights...

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Mount Huashan - The world's most dangerous hiking trail
Hungover owls - Post-party pictures of owls
Widget - getting a loan - A bank manager who wants to be an impressionist.
Cat Bounce - Pointless bouncing kitties
Le Confinement - What one French guy got up to during lockdown
Portrait maker - Create a moving portrait
Animal sizes - Animals sizes compared, from Tardigrade to Blue Whale
Hexley - Hexley, the platypus
Pixel Canvas - Multiplayer drawing, one pixel at a time
Oddlee - A cute animated adventure story for younger children
Plastic bags - Plastic bags in trees and bushes. Because there's a story behind every lost bag.
Fine Leather Jackets - Odd videos and artwork. Try Brainsiege
Luvbat - Animal gifs and videos
Just Standing - A photo project - set timer, take 3 steps, pose.
Spiro Art - Spinning spirograph patterns. Just relax...
Open Puppies - Just dogs being dogs
Lotte 0-18 - Eighteen year timelapse of Lotte
Mandelbrot Set - Mandelbrot - an exploration in pure mathematics
Unicode Oracle - Divine the future with the Unicode Oracle
Corndog on Corndog - Just corndogs. With mustard.
Things to do - Random drawing ideas
Artbreeder - Generate new art by 'breeding' your favourite images
Bart's Blackboard - An archive of Bart Simpson's chalkboard lines
Pixel Synth - Convert images to sci-fi sounds
Ni! - The Riders who say "Ni". Monty Python meets Lord of the Rings.
Death generator - Generate dialog images from video games
One Million Lines - An artist's ambition to draw a million lines, one by one
Infinite Zoom - It just keeps on zooming
Dante's Inferno - Navigate your way through Dante's Inferno, point & click style.
Autumn - Autumn leaves tumbling down
FBO Particles - A strange grey gaseous spherical... thing?
Daily Bunny - A new bunny every day, should you need one.
Found Polaroids - SHort stories inspired by random Polaroids
Make a Pierre - Make your own Pierre with this state of the art Pierre Customizator
Daily Blindfold Drawing - Yes, but is it art?
Speech bubble - Make your own speech bubble image
Stone time lapse - Fascinating timelapse movie
Triangulum Galaxy - Zoomable 665 Megapixel Hubble image of the Triangulum Galaxy M33
Not Never No - ...and relax
NYC Streetview -1940s - 1940s photos of every building in New York City
Metallica logo generator - Generate your name in the style of the Metallica logo.
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