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Pointless Pictures

A gallery of cool pictures, funny pictures, and weird/odd pictures. These pictures (sights) have been submitted to pointless sites as examples of pointlessness. Although we think some are funny and slightly cool - although it aint cool in the office today thats for sure. :-( What a picture!
Also pointless sights...

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24:Three - A 24-hour Hypercomic, apparently
Screenshots of despair - Ever feel that technology is trying to tell you something?
Spock is not impressed - ....
Spamusement - Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines
Calming Brits - Calming Brits (and Irishfolk)
Shameless bragging - ...Yee Haa - Britains most boring calendar
The Sheep Market - More than 10,000 sheep to choose from....
Baby Map - Map of babies being born
Scott Kelly Photos - 51 Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly
Average cats - Lolcats without the lols
Things found on street - Dutch site, Google translate is your friend.
Nic Cage as Everyone - Truly he's a master of disguise
Awkward family photos - .....
World Beard Championships -
Panel Jam - Collaborative cartoon comic capers
dream7 - Odd art site
Mr Picassohead - Why would you want to do better than this? or this? by Paradox (William)
Random art - Daily randomly generated colorful abstract art with a randomly generated title.
My Schizophrenic Brain - ...
Tiling - Pointless in a hypnoticic sort of way.
Eve the novel - (not strictly 'pointless' but unusual anyhow)
Extreme ironing - ...
Linux penguin (not a duck) - .....
Eric Emotion -
Fantasy Map Generator - Comprehensive tool for generating maps of non-existent worlds
GAN Paint - Paint scenes using Artificial Intelligence
Slow Motion TV - How a TV works - in slow motion
Polar Bear - Polar Bear in a Snow Storm
Saturn from above - A stunning image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
London panorama - World record 320 Gigapixel, 360 degree London panorama.
youngmenowme - Young Me Now Me - some people never change.
Clearly closed - Storefronts that leave their "open" sign on long after they've closed....
Today is the day - ....
Scanwiches - pictures of sandwiches
Leaf of the day - A new leaf daily.
Toing -
Flying Puppet -
Size of Space - Just how big is space?
Zoom Earth - Zoomable worldwide weather satellite images
Pokemon Go Evolution - Jigglypuff->Wigglytuff
Slow Robot - While away the hours here.
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