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Pointless Pictures

A gallery of cool pictures, funny pictures, and weird/odd pictures. These pictures (sights) have been submitted to pointless sites as examples of pointlessness. Although we think some are funny and slightly cool - although it aint cool in the office today thats for sure. :-( What a picture!
Also pointless sights...

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Just type stuff - Just type something...
Hoverboard - Return to play area!
Secret technology - infinitely zoomable digital poem....
In Vestimentis Ursum - Animated toys and their inner robots
xkcd Click and Drag - Click and drag the large picture. Will the world end somewhere? Is there anything underground?
Neon Flames - Paint your own nebulae
Puppy Tummy - - Eh?
One million giraffes - His friend Jørgen...
Escher Ascending in Lego - See if you can work it out without scrolling down...
Daily Jigsaw - While away the hours with a daily jigsaw puzzle
When graphic artists get bored... - ...
Pointer pointer - Points at the pointer. Pointless.
Running from Camera - Completely bonkers...
Mr Breakfast - Make your own breakfast ceral box
Face replaced - A website showing people putting random objects in front of their face.
Pixel dust - Paint with pixels that turn to dust.
Piskel - Make your own animated pixel-art sprites.
Cloud appreciation society - Enrich your life, become a cloud spotter.
World's worst website - Everything you could dislike in a website, in a website.
Milky Way - The Milky Way in 46 gigapixels
Pokemon fusion - What do you get if you cross a Jigglypuff with a Weezing? Find out here.
Random art - Create random art by entering text
Dog shaming - Canine confessions
Apon - ....
Radiology Art - CT-scans of everyday objects
Snowman - A unicode snowman. You can copy and paste it.
Museum of Food Anomalies - Freaky food
optillusions - The worlds worst optical illusions.
Scandy Bars - Chocolart
Nod to the Rhythm - Save energy while you dance
Zen grin - Have a happy day
Disapproval - How many people have been disapproved of?
Random street view - See the world!
Geometrize - Builds detailed pictures out of ellipses, circles, squares...
Far Future - Infographic showing the (very) far future of the Earth. We're doomed.
Look-alikes - Look-a-like pictures....
galaxyzoo - See your message written in galaxies
Gnome pun intended - Bad gnome puns, with cartoons
Smiles - Can you spot a fake smile? - Guess the WikiHow tutorial from a single image
Buni - A wordless comic strip
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