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Online tool - check your website for broken links
Dead Link Checker
Random numbers for games lotteries, etc.
Random Number Generator
Sliding block puzzles, from simple to impuzzible
Tile Puzzles
Fiendish number puzzle game, use the clues to open the lock.
Combination Lock
Reliquary for more
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Older Pointless Sites

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Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Book Title Generator - Have you read "The Turn of the Trumpet"?
Sheep view - Sheep on Google Street View
Turing - Programming puzzles. No coding involved.
Eurosong Generator - Create your Eurovision entry and see where it places.
Where is the Sloth - Can you find the sloth?
Shoelace Site - Everything you wanted to know about....
Tile Puzzles - Tile puzzle championship - tile shuffling for medals
Tone Generator - For all those times when only a 440Hz sine wave will do
How the sun sees you - UV videography. Wear sunscreen.
Euclidea - Geeky geometry game
Red Ball Adventure - Go, red ball, go!
Big Bunny - Your special bunny friend
Just Standing - A photo project - set timer, take 3 steps, pose.
Spinning cow - Round and round it goes.
Intelligence test - 24 H in a D
Autumn - Autumn leaves tumbling down
Gold Run - Get the gold, dig holes to trap the chasers
Simple maths - Can you do simple maths under pressure?
Mediaeval Bestiary - Natural history in the Middle Ages. Check out the elephant!
Black hole - Fill white space with black holes
Cursors - Online multiplayer game - play using your mouse cursor.
Z-Type - Space-invader typing game
1000 Seconds - Just hold the button down.
Skyscraper Dictionary - A dictionary of skyscrapers.
Nomadic Tribe - Beautiful web graphics demo. Grow your own flowers!
Glowing fluid - Real-time glowing liquid simulation. Drag your mouse around see all the pretty colors.
Run Walter, RUN!! - A dog's joyful run to the sea
Pokemon or Cholesterol Medication? - A simple quiz - is it a Pokemon, or a medication for Cholesterol?
FBO Particles - A strange grey gaseous spherical... thing?
Daily Bunny - A new bunny every day, should you need one.
Acme Klein Bottle - For all your single-sided glassware needs!
The Infinite Cat Project - Cats looking at cats looking at cats looking at cats... - These boats are ultra-stealthy
Angry Alien Bunny films - Movies condensed into 30 seconds and played by bunnies!
Deep Sadness - random shapes, random sounds
Cuil Theory - Who knew hamburgers could stimulate such profound thinking?
Reaction Coach - Reaction Coach reacts to Reaction Coach
Shy Button - Click the button. If you can.
Bob is nothing - Philosophical musings of a non-existent entity
Bill Wurtz - Odd videos. Also see his notebook
Mens 70's fashion ads - Oh dear.
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