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Older Pointless Sites

 (new pointless sites)

Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Radiohead from old computer parts - Be pointlesslessly patient to hear the "music"....
List of Unicodes - Useless unless you need a "Heavy teardrop-shanked rightward arrow"
Jello - .....
Watching Grass grow - hmmm....
Spider - More VectorPark pointlessness
Doeo's - Odd "mouse over" game
Dino Run - Run run run little dino....
Glass screen - Don't click....
Color flip - Ummmm... flipping paper
Seventh Sanctum - Huge generation resource for item names, descriptions and short stories - some may even be useful?
Little people - Wonderful pointless point and click scene with lots of little people....
Missile Game 3D - Unusual POV missile game
List of Colors - Olive Drab....
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Delux 3 - says it all........
Kaleidoscope maker - from ZeFrank
Flaming Cursor - ...
Random things to do.... - Bonus: There seems to be a game hidden in the answers. Wooop!
Ant Buster - Tower defence (TD) vari-ant with cake thieves... "Cake Over" - ha!
Star Finder 2 - Oh brother! - Now I will never get any work done....
Pointless Sites - Pointless link to pointless site of pointless sites...
Disorientation Game - Brain pulp - love it.... Crazy amount of pointless disorientation!
Lamb Watch - Live webcam - See and hear the daily lives of sheep, lambs, birds - (if you watch long enough)
Fracture - What was wrong with Asteroids?
Guitar Hero on the web - Actually "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2" - but like Guitar Hero!
Hyper Comics - Nonsense "Zoom in and look at the comic" site - What is the point?
Sketch Swap - Draw one to get one
Raiden X - Mindless shoot em up with lots of power ups
Tiling - Pointless in a hypnoticic sort of way.
Light people - Nonsense "alternating fireball and growing tree game"
David - "Tireless" (and useless and pointless)
Bubble Wrap pop - Timed bubble wrap bubble popping....
Pi sung - The digits of Pi.... sung....
Yoda on the drums - ...
ROFL-Copter - "Right into the danger zone" A game of typewriter text!
Christmas Bells Game - Land on the bird to double your points - Fun 2 minute game but ultimately Pointless... (High score stuntman021 - 78,146,860)!
Wikipedia Vision - See where the people live that are editing Wikipedia at the moment....
Arrow tag - Fast and pointless 2 minute "mouse over" game...
The pitch drop experiment - The world's longest running (and most useless) experiment apparently
Blaggle - Pointless site...
Bubble popping - Pointless popping....
Tiny Grow - Weird pointless plaything
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