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Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Calm - Keep calm and... well, just keep calm.
Peacock spider - Groovy spider throws some shapes.
Snail Bob - Snaily puzzle game
Dress up Yoda - Dress up Yoda... as if he wasn't ridiculous enough already.
Learn to fly 2 - Sequel to Learn to fly. You are a penguin, learning to fly through the power of upgrades.
Minute Physics - Periodic table with videos. Potassium is good.
Bacon Drone - Breakfast delivery system. Bacon x Science = Immense Power!
Hiyoooo! - Hiyoooo!
Ten ten - Ever noticed the time in watch ads?
What you see - Difficult word game
Road Bike Party 2 - Don't try this at home
Pongs - 32 different games of pong.
Waiting in line 3D - Don't fall asleep!
The singing man - Swingy wingy
Impossible Quiz 2 - Think laterally!
Internet Explorer 6 - Ah yes, those were the days...
Hollywood Blockbuster Show - This is pretty clever stuff
Cat training - Touch the cats with the mouse to make them copy the leader. Totally pointless.
Looking at something - Control the weather with your mouse.
Free rider 2 - Draw lines, add powerups, watch the little guy crash his bike.
One-and-one story - Cute romantic platform game
Zidbits - Learn something new everyday
Internet live stats - Live statistics on internet usage. Fascinating.
Super Stacker 2 - Pile 'em up high
Slime - Slime soccer world cup
The company of myself - Collaborate with your previous selves
Elevator nyan - Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
Forestation - Grow your own forest
Who searches this stuff - Funny Google search autocompletes
Speed-warp - ASCII adventure with an arcade console!
Epic Conway's Life - Cellular Automata with epic music.
Saturn from above - A stunning image from NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
Wolfe+585, Senior - Let's just call him Hubert
Bury me - Bury me with my money. What's the point?
Partridge gets lucky - Play that funky air bass Alan.
Exam failures - Epic exam failures from Russel Howard's Good News
Full Deck - A list of insults, along the lines of 'one card short of a full deck'
Starlight 2 - Move the mouse to find the hidden constellations
The Crystal Ball - What can you see? Could your future really be just some random image off the internet?
The Fox's backstory - How the fox discovered what to say
The Great Gatsby - Great Gatsby - the video game. It's a retro triumph, old sport.
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