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Online tool - check your website for broken links
Dead Link Checker
Random numbers for games lotteries, etc.
Random Number Generator
Sliding block puzzles, from simple to impuzzible
Tile Puzzles
Fiendish number puzzle game, use the clues to open the lock.
Combination Lock
Reliquary for more
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Older Pointless Sites

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Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Splix - Multiplayer snake/painter game
Unclear Text - Writing without using the most common words. Good Luck - or maybe "Greatest Fortune."
Floppotron - Darude- Sandstorm played on ancient computer hardware
Celsius converter - For all your temperature conversion needs!
I'm a banana - Someone else is also a banana.
Melting eyes - "NEXT"
Dead Link City - Odd Museum of broken links. Every kind of link that doesn't work! Crazy. (Also see - useful! Not so pointless)
Euclidea - Geeky geometry game
Expert Wrassling - Peculiar wrestling game.
Moodica - Relaxing and mesmerising videos
Bull Generator - Bull$#!1 Generator. Google Suggest makes its own suggestions.
Hoaxes - The Museum of Hoaxes
hexxagon - A bit like reversi/othello, but different.
Planetarium - What's in the sky?
More or less - Estimation and comparison game
Columns master - Match-3 + Tetris mash-up.
Nation States - Political simulation game - create your own nation.
Quick draw - See if google can guess your drawing
Pixelspace - Turns out space is mostly... space.
Unicorns - Hunting for unicorns
Gamespot 404 - A 404-page with a nice Rogue-like game
Off and on - Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Trash loop - Sometimes tidying up is just pointless
gruntle me - Disgruntled? Not for very much longer...
Shower thoughts - A collection of showery thoughts
Other Worlds - How old are you in Martian years?
Gnome pun intended - Bad gnome puns, with cartoons
Egg - "I love egg"
Electric Boogie Woogie - Animated version of Mondrian's 'Broadway Boogie Woogie' - Guess the WikiHow tutorial from a single image
Narwhale - Multiplayer narwhal game. Slice or be sliced.
3rd world farmer - Can you survive as a farmer in a third world country?
Many golf - Multiplayer golf. Left/right to aim, hold space to take a shot.
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery - These boats are ultra-stealthy
Trousers with no hands - How to put on a pair of trousers without using your hands.
Mythology - Everything you ever wanted to now about ancient myths and legends
Mandelbrot 2^1012 - Deep zoom into the Mandelbrot fractal. May make you dizzy...
Nixie - Making a Nixie Tube
Spring - A woodland in Spring - WebGL demo
Talking animals - Gooooaaaaalll!!!!
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