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Dead Link Checker
Random numbers for games lotteries, etc.
Random Number Generator
Sliding block puzzles, from simple to impuzzible
Tile Puzzles
Fiendish number puzzle game, use the clues to open the lock.
Combination Lock
Reliquary for more
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Not as new as the new pointless sites but still just as pointless

Cat Soundboard - Mrrrraaaooowww
Animal sounds - Italian elephants say 'baaa'
Phobia List - A to Z facts on phobias
Short Trip - Beautiful hand-drawn animated tram ride. Just hold left or right to move.
Physics Lab - Loads of interactive physics/mechanics demonstrations - try the roller coasters
Road Bike Party 2 - Don't try this at home
Buni - A wordless comic strip
Trust - The evolution of trust
Shakespearean insulter - "[Thou art] a pipe for Fortune's finger to sound what stop she please"
Catleidoscope - Moggies and mirrors
Double King - A film about love and regicide. Some mild cartoon gore.
Sort the Court - See how you fare as the ruler of the land
Falling falling - Complete with Shepard tone audio illusion.
Every last drop - A nice lesson about water, just scroll down.
Echo - Pattern-based music-making and mixing game
Null Island - Null Island -the busiest place that doesn't exist
Colour changing card trick - No camera tricks!
Picture of Everything - So much detail...
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Auction game - Guess the price of paintings and artworks
Follow the Mouse - Can you reveal the whole message?
Fireflies - Fireflies, fireflies, how do they synchronise?
aQWERTYon - Use your keyboard to accompany a selection of tunes.
Perpetual pizza - What happens if you ask for pizza topping on your pizza?
Arpeggios - Play with arpeggios
Gentle Brain - Play with a squishy brainy stressball thing
Ni! - The Riders who say "Ni". Monty Python meets Lord of the Rings.
Combination lock - Addictive "Crack the code" math game - progressive and multiplayer modes.
Wealth inequality - Scale graphics of wealth inequality in the USA
Furby organ - A furby-powered electronic organ. Ahhhh.
World solitaire - Solitaire game where the countries of the world compete against each other.
Internet live stats - Live statistics on internet usage. Fascinating.
Spend - Spend Bill Gates' money
Way to go - Walk, run, fly...
Armadillo online - Everything you ever wanted to know about armadillos
primes - Ten thousand prime numbers
Bongo cat - Is this a drum 'kit'? Pointless percussion!
Share this page - So many new and exciting ways to share!
Sound - All about sound
Lava lamp - Lava lamp simulation. Change colours, drag the goo around. Groovy!
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