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Some of the weirder pointless sites

The definitive list of odd sites with useless information and other stuff. Although these sites are odd could you call it "useless stuff"? The useless information contained therein could be of use to someone somewhere I guess? 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15... (odd)

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Food fight - A short history of warfare, from WWII to present day, told through the foods of the countries in conflict.
Bea Arthur, Pizza and mountains - all together
Sheep Films - Sheep Films GIF compilation
Creepy Horse Mask - Check the gallery
Circle of the Dragon - Everything you ever wanted to know about dragons
Between treacherous objects - This is just odd.
Masked Clown - Do you want fries with that?
Trousers with no hands - How to put on a pair of trousers without using your hands.
Dramatic sloth - Dunn dunn dahhhhhh!!!
Flying Frying - Behold, the flying fried egg.
Oobject - Curious collections
Black and wtf - Odd black and white photos
HORG - A website dedicated to the classification of those plastic tabs used to close bags.
Four in the morning - The museum of four in the morning
Flying opera pigs - Pigs, flying, at the opera
PWTIC - Putting Weird Things In Coffee. Maple Bacon Latte anyone?
Horse - Horse looking at toothbrush
Dancing in the Street - Bowie and Jagger... with the music removed
Frog world - Frogs in video games
Polite dog - Such impeccable table manners
4th search - Possibly the strangest contact form ever created.
Confused Travolta - Perform various tasks while Travolta is confused.
Odd couples - Blend famous faces into nightmare chimeras. Check out the gallery!
IMTYPTWAE - I made this. You play this. We are enemies.
Marcel the shell - Marcel The Shell (With Shoes On) - part 2 is here.
Casanova - Cute game with kissing giraffes...
Badgermin - A theremin made out of a badger
Hermit Crabs - How to care for your hermit crab
Unusual articles - Unusual Wikipedia articles, collected together for your pleasure
Chesscoaster - Some games just can't be interrupted
We Want Snow - It's amazing what those birds can do.
Longest Text Ever - We challenge you to read all of this...
I Believe Poppy - This is either profound, or meaningless twaddle.
Running backwards - UK Backwards Running Championships
Telepathy advertising - Have you telepathic skills? Want to join an advertising team? Does anyone believe this stuff?
Random sentence - How will the stiff glass culture the freak?
Talking backwards - As if it wasn't difficult enough...
Two dogs dining - Omnomnomnom
Weird patents - Collection of weird and wonderful patents.
Tim Burton Gallery - Some quirky pictures in a slightly clumsy gallery
Record Tripping - Alice in Wonderland plus DJ scratching. Odd.
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