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Some of the weirder pointless sites

The definitive list of odd sites with useless information and other stuff. Although these sites are odd could you call it "useless stuff"? The useless information contained therein could be of use to someone somewhere I guess? 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15... (odd)

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Self control freak... - what now.... (loads now added :o))
Michael Bach - A collection of optical tricks and illusions
Reptilians - The truth is out there (but maybe not on this page.)
Superbad - Just weird
I'm a banana - Someone else is also a banana.
Melting eyes - "NEXT"
7 billion - So many bunnies!
Movie a minute - Film summaries - why watch the movies when you can just read this and save time?
Checkiday - Some weird national holidays
What? - Odd video, catchy music
Just type stuff - Just type something...
Shrek's Day Out - Shrek has an eventful day
Bibi Hendl - Takeo Ischi yodelling with chickens, in German.
Rock Paper Scissors Extreme - Versions RPS 7 to RPS 25
Shoelace Site - Everything you wanted to know about....
Barcode yourself - Your own barcode
The Fragile Circus - bizarre...
Modern Living - Neurotica series - Creepy ( another one from Tino :-) )
RandomText - 'Listen to small mice' - ? Random words randomly sorted for no apparent reason
Boogie maths - Maths explained through the medium of dance
Real human - Are you a real human bean?
Monkey 4D - Four-dimensional monkeys, projected onto a two-dimensional plane. Mindbending.
Don't hug me 6 - So that's what it was all about... ?
One million giraffes - His friend Jørgen...
Animal sounds - Italian elephants say 'baaa'
Sneeze - Wait for it...
Narwhale - Multiplayer narwhal game. Slice or be sliced.
Choir - Very weird musical toy. Open the mouth to let the harmonies out.
Hodor - Chat with Hodor
The Glitch - Life is a computer game. Sometimes things... glitch.
Impuzzibility - made up definitions of Impuzzible puzzle related terms.
This x does not exist - A.I. generated things that don't exist. Or do they?
Liquid Nonsense - Random pieces of meaningless advice.
Late for meeting - Maybe shouldn't have spent so long going to the store.
Cows and cows and cows - by Cyriak
S.w.a.t. - Selfies with a twist
Zephy Air Transport - Anything delivered anywhere, by airship.
Flow - Weird art concept game (flashing images)
My hovercraft... - full of eels. In any language you like.
Bafflement Fires - The Bafflement Fires, a digital re-creation of a lost freemason game.
Contrast Cannon - Weird original nonsense for the bored and curious
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