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Some of the weirder pointless sites

The definitive list of odd sites with useless information and other stuff. Although these sites are odd could you call it "useless stuff"? The useless information contained therein could be of use to someone somewhere I guess? 1,3, 5,7,9,11,13,15... (odd)

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The Dangers of Electricity - BAD advice from Weebl
Circle World - Delightful weirdness from Cyriak. Spider sheep?
Airsick bag museum - Finally, an online museum of air sickness bags!
Talking backwards - As if it wasn't difficult enough...
Gilbert Uranium238 Atomic Energy Lab - It's exciting and safe!
Squishy Earth - The world is actually made of rubber
In Vestimentis Ursum - Animated toys and their inner robots
The Insidious Bogleech - It's all about the monsters
Office Museum - Can you tell the genuine pencil sharpener from all the impostors?
Masked Clown - Do you want fries with that?
Zephy Air Transport - Anything delivered anywhere, by airship.
Crossings - Songs that wrote themselves
Sheep films - A collection of short films
Vader on a Unicycle - Darth Vader on a unicycle. In a kilt. Playing bagpipes. With fire.
Imaginary Beings - All kinds of odd creatures
Boogie maths - Maths explained through the medium of dance
Running backwards - UK Backwards Running Championships
Witch Egg - You are a witch and you raise an egg.
Africa Alphabetised - Africa by Toto - but every word is in alphabetical order.
Hot dog wobble test - Just how wobbly is that hot dog?
Melting eyes - "NEXT"
HORG - A website dedicated to the classification of those plastic tabs used to close bags.
Nailing Jelly to a wall - Can it be done?
Reptilians - The truth is out there (but maybe not on this page.)
I'm an egg - This person is an egg. Or this egg is a person.
Bullsquid - How long can you bullsquid?
Plasma Ball - A touch-sensitive plasma lamp simulator - lightning at your fingertips
Monkey 4D - Four-dimensional monkeys, projected onto a two-dimensional plane. Mindbending.
The Unibicle - How to make a bike with one wheel and one pedal
I Believe Poppy - This is either profound, or meaningless twaddle.
Sheep Films - Sheep Films GIF compilation
Liquid Nonsense - Random pieces of meaningless advice.
My Random Thoughts - When will the test be over?
Lobster sticks to magnet - every schoolboy knows.
Unfavorable Semicircle - Youtube's strangest channel
Free Chocolate - Amazing experiment - chocolate downloaded straight to your fridge
The Gostak - An Interofgan Halpock. The gostak distims the doshes.
This x does not exist - A.I. generated things that don't exist. Or do they?
RandomText - 'Listen to small mice' - ? Random words randomly sorted for no apparent reason
Speech accent archive - A collection of people saying things in every conceivable accent. Please call Stella.
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