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Interactive Playthings

No one likes static web pages - Interactive are best. Don't be bored at work or at home - Check out these interactive playthings. Is life boring? Are you bored at work - then try these examples of intereactive web executive toys and delete the words "bored" and "boring" from your life.
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A day in the life of... - A McDonalds employee - interactive
A Walk in the Park - A Virtual Reality walk in the park, specially for anyone self-isolating
Achievement unlocked - 99 to get?
Achievement Unlocked 2 - Huge follow up nonsense game with 250 achievements and annoying music
AI Dungeon - AI-generated text adventures with infinite possibilities.
Alphametics + Cryptarithms - Try this: SITES + NONSENSE + NONSENSE + NONSENSE + POINTED = POINTLESS. Where each letter is a number from zero to nine (solvable!)
Andromeda galaxy - Zoomable view of part of the Andromeda galaxy. So many stars.
aQWERTYon - Use your keyboard to accompany a selection of tunes. - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
Arpeggios - Play with arpeggios
Bad people - Scraper detection link - If this link and text is anywhere other than on then this, and other Pointless Sites content, has been stolen by bad people....
Bammi - The original exploding Pie game - Timeless classic ;-)
BeepBox - Multitrack music composer - publish your work with a single URL
Between treacherous objects - This is just odd.
Blank Windows - Move and resize some white boxes
Blob generator - Abstract Art creator....
Blob opera - Ahhh eeeeh ooooh! Instant Verdi?
Bomomo - Create post-modernist art worthy of the Tate.
Bongo cat - Is this a drum 'kit'? Pointless percussion!
Bongo Cat - Play the bongos with bongo cat!
Bottle Flip Challenge - Flip the bottle so it lands upright. And again. And again...
Box spin - A little hypnotic - Reminds me of Bammi
BoxCar2D - Computerised car evolution - try to generate the ultimate car. It might take some time...
Breakdance plaything - ....
Bruce Lee - The Ultra-interactive KungFu remixer
Bruno Simon - Drive a car around somebody's home page.
Castles - Castles made of castles made of castles... fractal building blocks
Cat Bounce - Pointless bouncing kitties
Cat Bounce - Bouncing kittehs. Yup, that sounds pretty pointless.
Catleidoscope - Moggies and mirrors
Celsius converter - For all your temperature conversion needs!
Checkbox painter - Draw a masterpiece using checkboxes
Choir - Very weird musical toy. Open the mouth to let the harmonies out.
Chrome experiments - Chrome experiments. One thousand of them.
Circle the Cat - "quite hard but it can be done"
Circles - Sound effects triggered by pressing keys. Boom. Tssss.
Cleverbot - A pretty convincing AI chatbot
Click play 3 - Slick but pointless game
Click to remove - "Lick o remo" ...
Cold void - Cobweb simulator
Color flip - Ummmm... flipping paper
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