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Interactive Playthings

No one likes static web pages - Interactive are best. Don't be bored at work or at home - Check out these interactive playthings. Is life boring? Are you bored at work - then try these examples of intereactive web executive toys and delete the words "bored" and "boring" from your life.
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Cosmic Microwave Background - No, it's not a groovy screensaver for your oven - it's the dawn of the universe drawn on a marble.
Bongo cat - Is this a drum kit? Pointless percussion!
ConTENtric - Odd game - we got a score of 3344 :o) - you only have 10 seconds
Sandspiel - Play with sand
Pop crackers - Pointless pop-art cracker-pulling
Checkbox painter - Draw a masterpiece using checkboxes
Covid Calculator - Interactive epidemic explainer
Marble Run - Build your own marble run
Crush the castle - This looks familiar
The Big CB - An Artificial Intelligence playground
Launchball - Science-based game, make machines to solve puzzles
Free rider 2 - Draw lines, add powerups, watch the little guy crash his bike.
Fantasy Map Generator - Comprehensive tool for generating maps of non-existent worlds
Elastic Face - Creepy, slightly gross, and pointless.
Oscillator creatures - Click and drag the creatures for sci-fi oscillator wobbliness
Ingenuity welcome - Build a cart to deliver coconuts.
Levitated - A collection of weird and wonderful things to see and do.
Dervish - Interactive Art?
Bruce Lee - The Ultra-interactive KungFu remixer
Sand castles - Click and drag - build your castles before the next wave.
Snowflake maker - Fold and cut a piece of virtual paper to make a snowflake
Fox McCloud - HIYAAA!
Nomadic Tribe - Beautiful web graphics demo. Grow your own flowers!
Picture sphere - Drag and drop a picture from your desktop onto the sphere.
Online ouija - The spirit world has apparently gone digital
Inanimate Alice - Interactive multi-modal fiction
BeepBox - Multitrack music composer - publish your work with a single URL
Incredibots2 - Create your own robot vehicles
Jackson Pollock - Drip drip splat
Zefrank - pointless...?
Make me lucky - Could it really be that pressing a button is the key to being lucky?
ROLLOVER App - It's what we've been up to here at Pointless Towers for the last 18 months - Rollover is quirky and for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad :o)
XR Dinosaurs - A virtual dinosaur park
Circles - Sound effects triggered by pressing keys. Boom. Tssss.
I Miss the Office - Are you missing those office noises during social distancing?
Elastic man - Just click, drag, and release... squelchy!
Wheel decide - Don't know what to do? Let the wheel decide for you.
Eyes only - Interactive googly eyes that follow your cursor/finger.
FBO Particles - A strange grey gaseous spherical... thing?
Blank Windows - Move and resize some white boxes
DDDance party - Cool dancing! Click the circles at the top to control the dance moves.
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