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Interactive Playthings

No one likes static web pages - Interactive are best. Don't be bored at work or at home - Check out these interactive playthings. Is life boring? Are you bored at work - then try these examples of intereactive web executive toys and delete the words "bored" and "boring" from your life.
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Pink Trombone - A manual speech synthesizer
Drumkit - Ron Winter's qwerty drumkit
Mitoza - Pointless game or pointless toy? either way....
Pro Battenberg simulator - Tasty cake sim
Global Fishing Watch - Where are all the fish hanging out? And who's chasing them?
Hodor - Chat with Hodor
ManInTheDark - Strange gelatinous humanoid - hypnotic
Piskel - Make your own animated pixel-art sprites.
Pixel dust - Paint with pixels that turn to dust.
Eyeball game - Odd accuracy game
Wild Card - Hypnotic pointless interactive plaything
Scary spider - Drag the spider. Double click to feed it insects.
Special Defects - Watch out for the ants....
My 80's TV - Watch TV like it was in the 80's
Just click the Ball - to change its colour
Milky Way - The Milky Way in 46 gigapixels
Santa Bot - Free online chat with Santa.....
Color flip - Ummmm... flipping paper
Ultimate Crab Battle - Complete waste of time. Just one huge Boss.... (nearly got it!!!)
Yoda on the drums - ...
Slap Kirk - Slappin' the cap'n and spankin' Spock
Paper snowflake - Make a paper snowflake in your browser
Dragon - Now you must be really bored!
Joystick -
My 70s TV - A nostalgic television simulator to remind you of the days of disco, shag carpet, and bell-bottoms.
Ninjaflex - NINJA - FLEX!
Grid 16 - Quick and pointless game(s)
Pulse - Music and interactive thingies
Make everything Okay - ....
Fluid Experiment - Click and drag (needs WebGL)
Random art - Create random art by entering text
Cat Bounce - Bouncing kittehs. Yup, that sounds pretty pointless.
FFFFidget - Remember these? A virtual fidget spinner
Andromeda galaxy - Zoomable view of part of the Andromeda galaxy. So many stars.
Geo-Kitten - Can your choice of kitten reveal where you live?
Earth wind map - Animated map of the world's winds and ocean currents. Click, drag, zoom - loads of options.
Not Pron - 82 impossibel levels... (complete waste of time!)
Dress my Baby - Completely pointless dressing a baby game
otomata - Generative music - just add arrows and press play.
How big is my potato - Handy interactive utility for measuring potatoes, with cooking-time guide
Interactive hair - ...
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