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Interactive Playthings

No one likes static web pages - Interactive are best. Don't be bored at work or at home - Check out these interactive playthings. Is life boring? Are you bored at work - then try these examples of intereactive web executive toys and delete the words "bored" and "boring" from your life.
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Puki game - random nonsense game
Mindless target shooting game - ... hummm...
Planet matching - ...
Breakdance plaything - ....
Snake game.... - Pointless timewaster (we got 2,600pts)
Hooger Brugge - abstract interactive insanitude
Circle the Cat - "quite hard but it can be done"
Ireland vs France - Handy little game
Eyeball game - Odd accuracy game
Box spin - A little hypnotic - Reminds me of Bammi
Cricket! - ... - Heaps of pointless interactive nonsense. Catchy domain name...
Me and the key... - Pointless game - love it :-)
Grid 16 - Quick and pointless game(s)
Not Pron - 82 impossibel levels... (complete waste of time!)
Walk Right Game - >>>....
Achievement unlocked - 99 to get?
Dr Tran - Talking card... (What?)
Flower garden - Click and drag for an instant flower patch
Swing by 3D - More mindless interactivity from the Proceeo Lab
Blob generator - Abstract Art creator....
Jello - .....
Dress my Baby - Completely pointless dressing a baby game
Spider - More VectorPark pointlessness
Color flip - Ummmm... flipping paper
Kaleidoscope maker - from ZeFrank
Guitar Hero on the web - Actually "Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2" - but like Guitar Hero!
Sketch Swap - Draw one to get one
Bubble Wrap pop - Timed bubble wrap bubble popping....
Yoda on the drums - ...
My Mini City - Create your own city.... Visit ours (everyday).... Minute - Also check Holte city Holte (He found this beauty!)
Tiny Grow - Weird pointless plaything
Paper roll - unravel....
Scribbler - A generative illustration toy....
Zefrank - pointless...?
Modern Living - Neurotica series - Creepy ( another one from Tino :-) )
Dragon - Now you must be really bored!
Fields of Logic - Turning televisions around in a field ...
Jedi Trainer - Master a light Sabre
Interactive hair - ...
Elastic enthusiastic - Bounce
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