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Interactive Playthings

No one likes static web pages - Interactive are best. Don't be bored at work or at home - Check out these interactive playthings. Is life boring? Are you bored at work - then try these examples of intereactive web executive toys and delete the words "bored" and "boring" from your life.
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Choir - Very weird musical toy. Open the mouth to let the harmonies out.
Pixel dust - Paint with pixels that turn to dust.
Arpeggios - Play with arpeggios
Marble Run - Build your own marble run
Paper snowflake - Make a paper snowflake in your browser
SculptGL - Virtual clay
Cosmic Microwave Background - No, it's not a groovy screensaver for your oven - it's the dawn of the universe drawn on a marble.
Bongo Cat - Play the bongos with bongo cat!
Milky Way - The Milky Way in 46 gigapixels
Plink - A multiplayer music experience
stick of gum - Free chewing gum
My 80's TV - Watch TV like it was in the 80's
Useless Site - Click the checkbox
Click to remove - "Lick o remo" ...
Jungle - Jungle noise generator
Fractal tree - Just move the mouse. Best in full-screen mode.
GeoFS - Flight Simulator using Google maps. Use number keys to control throttle.
Maze-generator - Generate mazes - rectangular, circular, triangular or hexagonal
Pink Trombone - A manual speech synthesizer
Random art - Create random art by entering text
100 metre scroll - How quickly can you scroll 100 metres?
Global Fishing Watch - Where are all the fish hanging out? And who's chasing them?
Tubemen - Click to generate more inflatable arm-flailing tubemen.
Dice Simulator - Seconds of fun. Roll 6 ones? 1 in 47,000 chance
Centre of the Earth - What would you see on a journey to the centre of the Earth?
Zen Photon Garden - Block the rays, adjust the controls. Best with browser set to full screen.
Wiblr - Make your photos go wibbly-wobbly
Special Defects - Watch out for the ants....
Sinuous - Avoid the red dots...
Plasma Ball - A touch-sensitive plasma lamp simulator - lightning at your fingertips
Draw a stickman - Just draw a stickman....
Windows 93 - The Windows that Never Was
Vector Park - Strange interactivity.
Virtual Drum Machine - Click the drums or play with keys
Catleidoscope - Moggies and mirrors
Levers - Simply try to balance the swinging mobile
Google Planets - Google Earth for Planets and Moons
patatap - Synaesthesia simulator.
Fire alarm - Dare you pull the alarm?
Purrli - The internet has a cat. Listen to it here.
How big is my potato - Handy interactive utility for measuring potatoes, with cooking-time guide
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