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Hypnotic sites

Hypnotic pointlessness. Just watch these compelling, staggeringly unusual hypnotic examples of whats weirdest on the web. Dont be hypnotized or compelled to look at these just because we said so - do it for another reason.... where did that blue ball go?

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Genetic cars - Car evolution experiment
Geometrize - Builds detailed pictures out of ellipses, circles, squares...
Gif backgrounds - Click 'next' for a worse headache
Glowing fluid - Real-time glowing liquid simulation. Drag your mouse around see all the pretty colors.
Google Planets - Google Earth for Planets and Moons
Great Ball Contraption - An incredible LEGO machine.
Hot Dog banner - This is marginally more interesting than watching paint dry.
Hypnotoad - All glory to the hypnotoad!
Infinite Zoom - It just keeps on zooming
Inside a firework display - Firework display filmed with a drone
Into time - Interactive art with colour gradients
Jungle - Jungle noise generator
Just click the Ball - to change its colour
Just type stuff - Just type something...
Kaleidoscope - Just move the mouse. Click for a new effect.
Knotted - You know when you feel like your stomach is tied in a knot?
Lamb Watch - Live webcam - See and hear the daily lives of sheep, lambs, birds - (if you watch long enough)
Lava lamp - Lava lamp simulation. Change colours, drag the goo around. Groovy!
Life in Life - Conway's game of Life, created using Conway's game of Life
Liquid science - Science tricks with liquids
Longest joke - The longest joke in the world. Take your time.
Loops of Zen - Restore harmony by completing loops. Ommmm....
Lotte 0-18 - Eighteen year timelapse of Lotte
Mandelbrot 2^1012 - Deep zoom into the Mandelbrot fractal. May make you dizzy...
ManInTheDark - Strange gelatinous humanoid - hypnotic
Marble race - Epic marble race in a sand channel. Who will win?
Marvelous Mars - Mars in a billion pixels. Keep scrolling...
Mazes - Many meandering mazes
Melting eyes - "NEXT"
Michael Bach - A collection of optical tricks and illusions
Milky Way - The Milky Way in 46 gigapixels
Mindless target shooting game - ... hummm...
moodlight - Colourful mood lighting (warning - some modes have flashing lights)
Moodturn - Choose a theme, and relax...
Motion Triptych IV - Satisfying triptych video. Check out parts I to V as well.
My noise - Configurable relaxing background noise generator
Nanaca-Crash - Weird, pointless fun
Neave Television - uselfess telly without context
Neon Flames - Paint your own nebulae
Ninja Cat comes closer without moving - I am bored
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