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Hypnotic sites

Hypnotic pointlessness. Just watch these compelling, staggeringly unusual hypnotic examples of whats weirdest on the web. Dont be hypnotized or compelled to look at these just because we said so - do it for another reason.... where did that blue ball go?

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Pug in a Rug - Honour the Pug
Periodicity - Hypnotic whirlpool of colours
Ambient mixer - Listen to the ambient sounds of various fictional worlds
Genetic cars - Car evolution experiment
Solipsist - Ten minutes of arty weirdness
Nothing Ever Happens - Endless moonlit ripples
Perpetual pizza - What happens if you ask for pizza topping on your pizza?
Red Ball Adventure - Go, red ball, go!
Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
Framing Infinity - Pointless site? No - it's points of light. Astro images set to electronic music.
Bad Cookie - Looped GIF of cookies/poptarts being made. What are cookies?
The Elephant's Garden - It's a very strange world
Zoom Quilt - Mindblowing - it just keeps zooming
Into time - Interactive art with colour gradients
Extreme Mentos and Diet Coke - What happens when you combine 200 litres of Diet Coke and 500 Mentos?
Cat jumps into a box - Cat jumps in. Cat jumps out.
Spiral - You are feeling sleepy... or seasick?
Chaos Equations - Mathematical fireworks
Knotted - You know when you feel like your stomach is tied in a knot?
Contact Juggling - An amazing performance of crystal ball contact juggling.
Chicken meets fan - A rubber chicken meets a ceiling fan
Infinite Zoom - It just keeps on zooming
The Big CB - An Artificial Intelligence playground
Milky Way - The Milky Way in 46 gigapixels
Way to go - Walk, run, fly...
Pixels fighting - Why can't the pixels just accept their differences and live in peace?
Birdcage - Just tap to play - keep the bird alive.
Motion Triptych IV - Satisfying triptych video. Check out parts I to V as well.
7 billion - So many bunnies!
Baker cat - How long can you watch the cat bake?
Falling falling - Complete with Shepard tone audio illusion.
Great Ball Contraption - An incredible LEGO machine.
A Walk in the Park - A Virtual Reality walk in the park, specially for anyone self-isolating
Stepping feet motion illusion - It's just an illusion...
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Picture of Everything - So much detail...
Tunnel Rush - Fast-paced tunnel-travelling obstacle avoidance. Slightly nauseating.
Fractal and Shepard Tone - Ten hours of falling Shepard tone and an infinite fractal.
Seven Eleven - Playing a 7/11 polyrhythm inside a 7-Eleven on July 11th at 7:11 for 7 minutes and 11 seconds
Inside a firework display - Firework display filmed with a drone
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