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Hypnotic sites

Hypnotic pointlessness. Just watch these compelling, staggeringly unusual hypnotic examples of whats weirdest on the web. Dont be hypnotized or compelled to look at these just because we said so - do it for another reason.... where did that blue ball go?

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Trying Trying - The long-awaited sequel to 'Falling Falling'
Jungle - Jungle noise generator
Red dot - This is not that dot. Or maybe it is.
3n+1 - A simple but unsolved mathematical problem
Brand zoom - All the brands, zooming at you
World O Meters - Real time world statistics. Visual representation here.
Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
Windy - Airflow animation
Remember anything - How to remember anything, using a shoebox.
Not Never No - ...and relax
Bob is nothing - Philosophical musings of a non-existent entity
Sink slow - ...and relax.
Branching - Click anywhere
Virtocean - A selection of soothing seaside sounds
Michael Bach - A collection of optical tricks and illusions
In The Past - Eveerything you see is in the past, apparently
Ambient mixer - Listen to the ambient sounds of various fictional worlds
Nothing Ever Happens - Endless moonlit ripples
Echoes - Pink Floyd's "Echoes" with an incredible A.I. generated video.
OKO game - Spin the image around until it matches - with creepy music.
RIP - Cyriak has some fun with skeletons
Infinite Zoom - It just keeps on zooming
Genetic cars - Car evolution experiment
Zoom Quilt - Mindblowing - it just keeps zooming
The Elephant's Garden - It's a very strange world
Periodicity - Hypnotic whirlpool of colours
Nomadic Tribe - Beautiful web graphics demo. Grow your own flowers!
Deep Sadness - random shapes, random sounds
Russian Doll - What happens at the end?
Falling falling - Complete with Shepard tone audio illusion.
Picture of Everything - So much detail...
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Perpetual pizza - What happens if you ask for pizza topping on your pizza?
Dangerous Writing App - Subconscious creativity - you have to write all the time.
Way to go - Walk, run, fly...
Lava lamp - Lava lamp simulation. Change colours, drag the goo around. Groovy!
Pixels fighting - Why can't the pixels just accept their differences and live in peace?
Jumpscare - This is not a jumpscare. Or is it?
Circle World - Delightful weirdness from Cyriak. Spider sheep?
Andromeda galaxy - Zoomable view of part of the Andromeda galaxy. So many stars.
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