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Hypnotic pointlessness. Just watch these compelling, staggeringly unusual hypnotic examples of whats weirdest on the web. Dont be hypnotized or compelled to look at these just because we said so - do it for another reason.... where did that blue ball go?

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Way to go - Walk, run, fly...
Pixels fighting - Why can't the pixels just accept their differences and live in peace?
Plasma Ball - A touch-sensitive plasma lamp simulator - lightning at your fingertips
Birdcage - Just tap to play - keep the bird alive.
Motion Triptych IV - Satisfying triptych video. Check out parts I to V as well.
Slow Empty - Click for a new triangle. Strangely hypnotic.
Peeling paint cam - Watch paint peeling...
7 billion - So many bunnies!
Baker cat - How long can you watch the cat bake?
Falling falling - Complete with Shepard tone audio illusion.
Great Ball Contraption - An incredible LEGO machine.
A Walk in the Park - A Virtual Reality walk in the park, specially for anyone self-isolating
Circle World - Delightful weirdness from Cyriak. Spider sheep?
Stepping feet motion illusion - It's just an illusion...
Langton's Ants - Like Conway's Life, but with digital ants.
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Picture of Everything - So much detail...
Andromeda galaxy - Zoomable view of part of the Andromeda galaxy. So many stars.
Tunnel Rush - Fast-paced tunnel-travelling obstacle avoidance. Slightly nauseating.
Fractal and Shepard Tone - Ten hours of falling Shepard tone and an infinite fractal.
Seven Eleven - Playing a 7/11 polyrhythm inside a 7-Eleven on July 11th at 7:11 for 7 minutes and 11 seconds
Inside a firework display - Firework display filmed with a drone
Red and Green dots... - ..........
Lava lamp - Lava lamp simulation. Change colours, drag the goo around. Groovy!
Branching - Click anywhere
Blue Ball 2 - The blue ball machine - with music
Kaleidoscope - Just move the mouse. Click for a new effect.
Mandelbrot 2^1012 - Deep zoom into the Mandelbrot fractal. May make you dizzy...
Trying Trying - The long-awaited sequel to 'Falling Falling'
Russian Doll - What happens at the end?
Red Ball Adventure - Go, red ball, go!
Autumn - Autumn leaves tumbling down
Nomadic Tribe - Beautiful web graphics demo. Grow your own flowers!
Glowing fluid - Real-time glowing liquid simulation. Drag your mouse around see all the pretty colors.
Run Walter, RUN!! - A dog's joyful run to the sea
Deep Sadness - random shapes, random sounds
Bob is nothing - Philosophical musings of a non-existent entity
Doors - Will you ever arrive?
Blank Windows - Move and resize some white boxes
Dangerous Writing App - Subconscious creativity - you have to write all the time.
Melting eyes - "NEXT"
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