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Games and Puzzles

Check out these free online games, mostly pointless games and puzzles and all free. Some of the oddest, unusual, addictive, abstract and strangely compelling games and puzzles known to man. We also put all the games on the 2 minute games site. If it is free, online, original and odd - it should be listed here with these other free online games.

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Jumping Long - Long jump game, with upgrades.
Just Give Up 2 - Why continue if you can just give up?
Kaguya Table - RPG game.... love it! - (If not working - try a different browser - temperamental - just like the table flipper)
Kanye zone - Don't let Kanye into his zone
Karoshi Suicide Salaryman - The objective is to kill yourself. Interesting concept for a puzzle game.
Kern Type - Test your kerning abilities
Kingdom of Loathing - Point-and-click multiplayer adventure, with stick figures.
Klikwerk - hummm...
Language Guesser - Guess the language of random music videos.
Language Squad - How many languages or alphabets can you identify?
Lars adventure - We all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous
Laserguns - Lasers and a squirrel. Pew pew pew.
Launchball - Science-based game, make machines to solve puzzles
Lazy Fly - Addictive game - simply help the fly get back to bed
Learn to fly 2 - Sequel to Learn to fly. You are a penguin, learning to fly through the power of upgrades.
Letterle - Like Wordle, but just one letter. Must be 5x easier, no?
Light people - Nonsense "alternating fireball and growing tree game"
Like Like - The online museum of multiplayer art
Lines - An interesting five-in-a-row game
Ling Your Language - Work out which language you are hearing.
Little Alchemy 2 - Combine things and create new stuff
Little people - Wonderful pointless point and click scene with lots of little people....
Little Runmo - A nice platform game
littlealchemy - Drag element icons onto the page, combine to form 360 new elements
Logix - ....
Long Doge Challenge - How wow can you gow?
Loops of Zen - Restore harmony by completing loops. Ommmm....
Lost Gamer - Like GeoGuessr, but for videogames
Maxwell Cat World - Find the rat. Eat the rat. Repeat.
Maze toys - Use arrow keys to solve the daily maze
Mazes - Many meandering mazes
Me and the key... - Pointless game - love it :-)
Miestas - Weird game....
Mindless target shooting game - ... hummm...
Mini-Putt 3 - Miniature golf game
Missile Game 3D - Unusual POV missile game
Mitoza - Pointless game or pointless toy? either way....
Monolith - An evolutionary click game
Monster match - Match the monsters before they get you
More or less - Estimation and comparison game
Morphing - A puzzle game of shape-shifting
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