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Games and Puzzles

Check out these free online games, mostly pointless games and puzzles and all free. Some of the oddest, unusual, addictive, abstract and strangely compelling games and puzzles known to man. We also put all the games on the 2 minute games site. If it is free, online, original and odd - it should be listed here with these other free online games.

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Rockbasher - Dig tunnels - but don't get crushed by falling rocks!
ROFL-Copter - "Right into the danger zone" A game of typewriter text!
Rogue - Rogue - the original rogue-like game
ROLLOVER App - It's what we've been up to here at Pointless Towers for the last 18 months - Rollover is quirky and for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad :o)
Rooftop snipers - Jump and shoot. Avoid falling off the roof.
Room Escape Maker - Make your own escape room, or play other people's rooms
Roomba quest - Use the arrow keys to help Roomba gain enlightenment
Rotate - Shift-inspired game. Rotate the world. Avoid spikes.
Rotate2 - Rotate the pipe pieces so that there are no open ends.
Rotopo - Quick-thinking puzzle game, simply visit each square.
RPG Playground - Make and play your own role-playing games
Rubik solver - Get some help unscrambling your Rubik's cube
Rubik's Cube Explorer - A virtual Rubik's cube. Happy twisting...
Run2 - 3D running or skating game. Use arrow keys and space bar.
Samorost - Cute puzzle game
Samorost2 - Hours of pointless cuteness (follow up to Samorost1)
Sandboxels - Possibly the most comprehensive falling sand game ever?
Sandspiel - Play with sand
Sandtris - Tetris with a twist of sand
Scalak - A nice 3D puzzle game.
Scary maze game - Do not play if you are easily scared, or have a heart condition!
Seedship - You are an artificial intelligence trying to find humanity’s new home.
Seen on Screen - online puzzle experiment
Semantle - Guess the word, except it could be literally any word.
Semantris - A Google game - tetris with meaning
Sentry knight - Fight off the marauding hordes
Shape reaction - Click to create a pointless chain reaction
Shape shifter - You are a mouse. Now you are a rabbit. Now you are an... elephanty... thing.
Sheep tranquilizer - We rated "Bobbing bobcat" !
Shopping Cart Hero - Love it
Short Life - A gruesome and gory platform game. You've been warned!
Short RPG - Role-playing game for those in a hurry.
Sidewalk Sidestep - Can you walk down the street without colliding with other people?
silent conversation - Play a game, read a story at the same time
Simple maths - Can you do simple maths under pressure?
Sisyphean Funtime - Move the sand from one side to the other to win points!
Slightly annoying traffic - Click a car to start or stop. Avoid crashes. Sounds simple enough.
Slime - Slime soccer world cup
Slime Laboratory 2 - You are a blob of green slime with googly eyes. - Snakey version of
Slow roads - Endless driving
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