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Games and Puzzles

Check out these free online games, mostly pointless games and puzzles and all free. Some of the oddest, unusual, addictive, abstract and strangely compelling games and puzzles known to man. We also put all the games on the 2 minute games site. If it is free, online, original and odd - it should be listed here with these other free online games.

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Defend your castle - pointless waste of a LOT of time!
Little people - Wonderful pointless point and click scene with lots of little people....
Light people - Nonsense "alternating fireball and growing tree game"
Annoying People - Retro-style maze game. Get the keys to unlock doors.
Pursuit of hat - A disarmingly cute game. Hop you like it.
Where Am I - A confusing block-sorting game
Disposabot - Disposable robot platform game
Chat Noir - Trap the cat - click the circles to stop the cat escaping.
Flap MMO - Multiplayer flappy bird
T-Rex Runner - Dino Hopper. Use arrow keys to jump or duck
Nekra Psaria - Dead Fish, apparently. Creepy escape game
Colour changing card trick - No camera tricks!
Click play 3 - Slick but pointless game
Bowmaster Prelude - pointless pointedness....
Tiny Diggers - Remember Lemmings?
Nameless Forest - A nice text-based forest adventure, with pictures to collect.
Fly Killer - Fly swat game
Splix - Multiplayer snake/painter game
Sisyphean Funtime - Move the sand from one side to the other to win points!
Where is the elephant? - Can you find the elephant? 'Interesting' (and loud) soundtrack.
Raiden X - Mindless shoot em up with lots of power ups
Bafflement Fires - The Bafflement Fires, a digital re-creation of a lost freemason game.
Snail Bob - Snaily puzzle game
Mindless target shooting game - ... hummm...
Witch Egg - You are a witch and you raise an egg.
This is the only level - too - How many stages are there...? (and who cares)
Miestas - Weird game....
Rockbasher - Dig tunnels - but don't get crushed by falling rocks!
Cat training - Touch the cats with the mouse to make them copy the leader. Totally pointless.
Blym - You are a green blob with a hat
1924 - A platform game from the era of silent movies...
Waiting in line 3D - Don't fall asleep!
Chronotron - Cute time-travel game
Haunt the house - Spook the living people out of your house
Amanita-Design - by someone with way too much time on their haneds
Bubble popping - Pointless popping....
Pentris - Like Tetris, but different
CosmicCom - Another click game - colonise new planets
Logix - ....
Particle Blaster - Get to level 13 - then it really gets hard!
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