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Games and Puzzles

Check out these free online games, mostly pointless games and puzzles and all free. Some of the oddest, unusual, addictive, abstract and strangely compelling games and puzzles known to man. We also put all the games on the 2 minute games site. If it is free, online, original and odd - it should be listed here with these other free online games.

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Goose fame - Eat the goodies, grow from a gosling to the boss goose.
Tile Puzzles - Tile puzzle championship - tile shuffling for medals
Press the Button? - You could spend time happily pressing a button - but - you would never get that time back.
Monster match - Match the monsters before they get you
Sudoku slam - Online sudoku puzzle generator/solver
Draw Logos - Try to draw logos from memory
Bafflement Fires - The Bafflement Fires, a digital re-creation of a lost freemason game.
Bottle Flip Challenge - Flip the bottle so it lands upright. And again. And again...
Guess the price - Do you know the value of stuff?
Terms and conditions - Always say no. Except when you need to say yes. Or something else entirely...
Floppy Frog - A two-key physics game
Bubble shooter - Idle away the hours, shooting bubbles.
Paper Pong - A pong game, in a book. Click the picture and turn to page 1.
Laserguns - Lasers and a squirrel. Pew pew pew.
Black hole - Fill white space with black holes
Dragger - Drag the pieces to complete the picture
Goodby burger city - It's all about the burgers
Left-Right Brain - Is the left or right hemisphere of your brain dominant?
Primes - Like 2048, but make the biggest prime number you can
Quest for the 7 Ahalbums - A strange 'adventure', on a quest to find 7 "ahalbums"
Paperclips - Build your own paperclip empire
2020 game - Can you make it to 2021?
Dead Sticks - A pointy clicky swingy sticky physics puzzle game
Ping pong - Table tennis without breaking into a sweat
wbwwb - We become what we behold - a game about news cycles.
Doodle jump - Boing, boing, boing...
Rockbasher - Dig tunnels - but don't get crushed by falling rocks!
The Gostak - An Interofgan Halpock. The gostak distims the doshes.
N-gon - Robot scrolling physicsy platform game
Simple maths - Can you do simple maths under pressure?
Where is the Sloth - Can you find the sloth?
Don't check it - Have you got the willpower to win this game?
RPG Playground - Make and play your own role-playing games
GeoFS - Flight Simulator using Google maps. Use number keys to control throttle.
Useless cat game - Where is the cat?
Robots are People Too - 2-player browser game. Or one ambidextrous player.
Leaf on the wind - Tricky gliding game
Mousepoint - A clickless mouse game
Antidepressant or Tolkien - Middle-Earth or Medication?
Jelly Mario - Something is very wrong in Mario Land
Polkadot Game - Eat small dots, avoid big dots
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