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Fiendish number puzzle game, use the clues to open the lock.
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Hermit Crabs - How to care for your hermit crab
Mechanical Techno - Making music the unorthodox way
Spinning rat - Spin that rat
Slow roads - Endless driving
Every ant on Earth - A database of every individual ant on Earth. Possibly.
Flowpaper - Relaxing mindful drawing
Potato or tomato - Test your veg skills
Not day of the week - What day isn't it?
Nested - The whole universe
Astro Alpaca - An alpaca in space
The Positive Lexicography Project - A sort of dictionary of untranslatable words
Factory balls forever - Decorate the balls to match the picture!
Who was alive - See who was alive in any given year
People in Space - How many people are in space right now?
DNA - Animation and microscopic filming shows DNA in action
My hovercraft... - full of eels. In any language you like.
RaToNaGe - Random Town Name Generator
Sandtris - Tetris with a twist of sand
Click the colour - and not the word
Deep Sadness - random shapes, random sounds

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