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Completely Pointless Sites

These are just completely pointless. No, not just extremely pointless but completely and utterly without a point. Or at least they should be! Let us know if one of these is in the wrong category! Without a point in the extreme - completely!

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Investing money - A short video showing one way to invest money
Invisible Elephant - Where is the invisible elephant?
Is my computer on - Handy utility for checking whether your computer is switched on.
Jim Carrey - The same photo of Jim Carrey every day…
Joystick -
Just standing - in a grocery store
Kids' guide to the internet - First, adjust the VCR tracking for the clearest picture.
Kim Jong-il - looking at things...
Kitten War - May the best cat win
Last page - Well, it had to end some day.
Le Duchamp - Pointless recreation of a pointless artwork
Lethargic Lad - Huh?
Let's play... - ...clickclickclick - no turbo. Don't miss part 2 here!
Library of Babel - Every possible combination of characters put in tons of books.
License plates - All the license plate styles from the U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico, from 1969 to the present.
Llamafont - Something to say? Say it with llamas! Cure for boredom at its best
Longest yea boi - The longest "Yea boiiiii" on the internet. Possibly.
Look at that hat - Should I grab it?
Look of disapproval - ...
Make everything Okay - ....
Meow mania - what is it about cats?
meowmania - Just click...
Mini Pen - What else would you expect at
Miserable bastard - An unhappy lady at!
Most awesomest - Vote for the most awesomest thing ever
Move now think later - Automatic draughts/checkers. Who'll win? Who cares?
Movie a minute - Film summaries - why watch the movies when you can just read this and save time?
Mr Breakfast - Make your own breakfast ceral box
My morning hair - Pointless nonsense picture gallary
Nailing Jelly to a wall - Can it be done?
Navy simulator - Simulate Naval life in your own home
Neave Television - uselfess telly without context
Never the same - A web page that pointlessly changes on every refresh
Noooo - Noooo-o-o-o-o!
Nothing - All about nothing - includes delicious recipes! Aaahhhh... the taste of nothing delight...
Number - Rules: make number go up - In case you'd forgotten about Nyan cat. How long can you nyan for?
Obmoz - The angry twin brother of - Eh?
Off and on - Have you tried turning it off and on again?
One to One Million - A video of every number from 1 to 1,000,000
Otamatone Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody, played by Otamatones.
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