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Completely Pointless Sites

These are just completely pointless. No, not just extremely pointless but completely and utterly without a point. Or at least they should be! Let us know if one of these is in the wrong category! Without a point in the extreme - completely!

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Colour Fight - Vote for your favourite colour.
Colours - Youtube videos of six seconds of colour
Concentric selections - It's just concentric selection rectangles on a gradient.
Cookie clicker - Click the cookie. Can you get the Time Machine? The Antimatter Condenser? Recently updated.
Cool last names - For those occasions when you need a cool last name.
Counting to infinity - ...hummm... (maybe he should try getting to a Googolplexian first)
Cows go moo - Scratching posts?
Crabby Cow - gift...
Crates and Barrels - Useful if you are looking to find Crates and Barrels in Video games....
Crouton - It's... a crouton.
cut dat - Cutting things with a spoon. This is exciting stuff.
Daily pointless link in a tweet - Daily dose of pointlessness from Pointless Sites - easier than ever
Danny Castillo - Finally, we now know who is the best.
Darth -
David - "Tireless" (and useless and pointless)
Death by Glamour - Undertale OST "Death by Glamour", accelerating.
Deep Black Hole - Go on, you know you want to...
Definitely - Yep, it's definitely definitely. Defiantly so.
Destroy the computer - Click on different parts of the computer to destroy it. Then repair it and do it all over again.
dialupsound - This is what the internet used to sound like. 56K nostalgia!
Dimitri's Air Guitars - New lightweight designs available
Disapproval - How many people have been disapproved of?
Divine Language - Learn Leeloo's language from the film "The 5th Element".
Do nothing for 2 minutes - Just relax for 2 minutes
Dog of Wisdom - Watch with captions
Domain poets - ....
Doodle per diem - A new doodle every day since August 11th, 2012.
Doors... - Never be bored again!
Dot On The Horizon - It's so far away....
Dotted lines - .................
Doughnut Kitten - Miaomnomnomnom
Dr Tran - Talking card... (What?)
Drama Button - Love it...
Dramatic sloth - Dunn dunn dahhhhhh!!!
Dreamforth - 'Dream Theme Interpretation'. What does it mean if you dream of electric sheep?
Dress my Baby - Completely pointless dressing a baby game
Dullest Blog - .... quite old and dusty too
Eat Yogurt - ... errr.... who cares exactly?
Eeyup - Eeyup.
Emoji chicken adventure - A chicken simulator with emoji
Endless horse - A horse with ver-r-r-ry long legs
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