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Completely Pointless Sites

These are just completely pointless. No, not just extremely pointless but completely and utterly without a point. Or at least they should be! Let us know if one of these is in the wrong category! Without a point in the extreme - completely!

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Mission to Mars - Do you have the patience to complete a real-time mission to Mars?
Trivial proof - The proof is trivial!
Pot Watcher - "A watched pot never boils." Orly? Prove them wrong!
Colours - Youtube videos of six seconds of colour
Free Internet Site - Free!
Plastic bags - Plastic bags in trees and bushes. Because there's a story behind every lost bag.
Sheep? - ....
Checkbox ball - A bouncing ball of checkboxes
Violent power - Click!!! Thwack!!! Kerpow!!!
Shameless bragging - ...Yee Haa - Britains most boring calendar
Aperture Science - Happy [Holiday Name Here]
Miserable bastard - An unhappy lady at!
Rotating sandwiches - Spinning snacks
Steamshovel Harry - As one commenter says: "If you don't get it, you're not supposed to."
Smash the walls - Keep on smashing those walls
Pointless - Pointless pointlessness
Danny Castillo - Finally, we now know who is the best.
Le Duchamp - Pointless recreation of a pointless artwork
Letterle - Like Wordle, but just one letter. Must be 5x easier, no?
Corndog on Corndog - Just corndogs. With mustard.
Seven Eleven - Playing a 7/11 polyrhythm inside a 7-Eleven on July 11th at 7:11 for 7 minutes and 11 seconds
Reaction Coach - Reaction Coach reacts to Reaction Coach
Longest yea boi - The longest "Yea boiiiii" on the internet. Possibly.
Otamatone Rhapsody - Bohemian Rhapsody, played by Otamatones.
Transformation - Every transformation from The Transformers
One Square Minesweeper - Use your skilll and logic to find the mine
cccmmmyyykkk - Ceeee... Emmm... Whyyy... Kaaay See also rrrgggbbb
License plates - All the license plate styles from the U.S.A, Canada, and Mexico, from 1969 to the present.
TimeZone clock - Every timezone at once
The Employment - Bleak animation about the alienation of work
Many some - Drifting shapes. Refresh for new shapes.
Turbo encabulator - Astonishing information about a remarkable device
Random Art - Daily randomly generated colorful abstract art with a randomly generated title
Spinning rat - Spin that rat
Infinite coin box - All the coins you could ever wish for
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