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A-Z of Pointless Websites

Looking for a pointless waste of time? This amusing list of pointless sites is the complete A to Z list of time wasters. "Waste of time" I hear you say... YES!, it is! A staggering and mammoth complete pointless waste of time - but amusing all the same. Amused? Start at the top - or try the top 10.
The complete list of pointless sites listed in alphabetical order...

Cereal guide - A handy guide to cereal-box characters
CERN - - the first website ever
Chaotic pendulums - Two chaotic pendulums produce a tasty graph. Be patient...
Chaotic Shiny - Random story plots. Pretty much random everything else too.
Character.AI - AI chatbots can simulate anyone and anything
Charlie Rose - Microsoft and Yahoo
Chat Noir - Trap the cat - click the circles to stop the cat escaping.
Checkbox ball - A bouncing ball of checkboxes
Checkbox Olympics - Just click the boxes, one by one
Checkbox painter - Draw a masterpiece using checkboxes
Checkers - Play Checkers against the computer, or 2-player option
Checkiday - Some weird national holidays
Cheese - Everything you ever wanted to know about cheese.
Cheese Universe - Learn all about cheese.
Chesscoaster - Some games just can't be interrupted
Chicken EDM - Rubber chicken dance music
Chicken meets fan - A rubber chicken meets a ceiling fan
Chicken monkey duck - Sing along!
Chicken Nugger - Your son is hungry. You don't understand.
Chicken on a raft - ...on a monday morning...
Chicken song - Old McDonald chicken song, on repeat. Bok bok!
Chicken symphony - Igorrr and his performing hens
Chicken Techno - ...
Chicken x road - Why the chicken crossed the road, according to famous scientists
Chillest Monkey - And... relax.
Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
Chimpanzee... - ... riding on a Segway
Chimpnology - Cyriak works his weird magic with some chimpanzees
China - China - 1.35 Billion times.
Choice of the Dragon - A multiple choice game, in which you play as a dragon.
Choir - Very weird musical toy. Open the mouth to let the harmonies out.
Choppity Chop - Chop stuff up with Ratatouille
Chow mein - he was dialling up his buddy at the old pet store.... animation
Christmas Bells Game - Land on the bird to double your points - Fun 2 minute game but ultimately Pointless... (High score stuntman021 - 78,146,860)!
Christmas Cat - Find the Christmas Cat
Christmas greeting - A Christmas greeting from your pets
Christmas song - Animals sing
Chrome experiments - Chrome experiments. One thousand of them.
Chronotron - Cute time-travel game
Chutney - A song about chutney, eventually.
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