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A-Z of Pointless Websites

Looking for a pointless waste of time? This amusing list of pointless sites is the complete A to Z list of time wasters. "Waste of time" I hear you say... YES!, it is! A staggering and mammoth complete pointless waste of time - but amusing all the same. Amused? Start at the top - or try the top 10.
The complete list of pointless sites listed in alphabetical order...

brandscape - Cryptic guess-the-brand puzzle
Breadfish - Have you seen it? It's marvellous!
Break the wall - Just click at the right time. Yesss!!!!
Breakdance plaything - ....
Breakfast machine - The latest time-saving kitchen gadget
Breaking News - Break Your Own News
Brides throwing cats - Why do people do this stuff?
Broof - Broof! Brooooff! Brrrroooooffff!
Brooklyn bar menus - Generate a trendy menu for a trendy Brooklyn bar
Browser Quest - Multiplayer adventure game. Needs a modern browser.
Bruce Lee - The Ultra-interactive KungFu remixer
Bubble popping - Pointless popping....
Bubble Wrap pop - Timed bubble wrap bubble popping....
Build With Chrome - Make online Lego builds with Chrome
Build-a-squid - Design your own squid, then set it free
Bull Generator - Bull$#!1 Generator. Google Suggest makes its own suggestions.
Buni - A wordless comic strip
Bunnies - Just... bunnies
Burn the Rope - You have to burn the rope. The music is what makes this game.
Burping Champion - I just open me throat and let it roar...
Bury me - Bury me with my money. What's the point?
Butch Mushroom - nonsense game
Butterfly dance - I have to find an octagon
Button Bass - Mix audio loops, play virtual instruments
Buzzybuzz - Bzzzzzzzzzzzz.
cachemonet - An exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays. Um... yeah.
Cactus Blue - An interactive story
Calm - Keep calm and... well, just keep calm.
Calming Brits - Calming Brits (and Irishfolk)
Calming Manatee - Soothing words of advice from a seacow
Cambiguities - A nice collection of perspective illusions
Camera Max - How to use those fancy modes on a digital camera
Candy box 2 - ASCII art RPG. Be patient...
Candy Crush - Sweet three-in-a-row game
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Captain Foraxian - Galaxian-inspired arcade game. Space and arrow keys. Pew pew pew!
Captain Forever - weird game with a black background
Caption Bot - A bot that describes pictures. Test it with online images.
Card trick - Your computer can read your mind
Cargo ship timelapse - 30-day timelapse of a cargo ship's voyage
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