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A-Z of Pointless Websites

Looking for a pointless waste of time? This amusing list of pointless sites is the complete A to Z list of time wasters. "Waste of time" I hear you say... YES!, it is! A staggering and mammoth complete pointless waste of time - but amusing all the same. Amused? Start at the top - or try the top 10.
The complete list of pointless sites listed in alphabetical order...

Mouse under Siege - Keep your mouse pointer out of trouble
Mousepoint - A clickless mouse game
Move Click Live - Unusual invisible enemies game (102 seconds = our best)
Move now think later - Automatic draughts/checkers. Who'll win? Who cares?
Move on... - ...nothing to see here
Movie a minute - Film summaries - why watch the movies when you can just read this and save time?
Mr Incredibeard - It's Mr Incredibeard and his incredible beard!
MS Paint Online - Online version of the classic MS Paint program
mspaintadventures - This is just... peculiar.
Muffin films - Animated films featuring muffins
Muppets with peoples eyes - o o
Murder - Murder!
Museum of Food Anomalies - Freaky food
Music map - If you like that, you might like this...
Music Timeline - See how music preferences have changed over time. Click to expand.
Must Pop Words - Make words from the letters as fast as you can
My 70s TV - A nostalgic television simulator to remind you of the days of disco, shag carpet, and bell-bottoms.
My 80's TV - Watch TV like it was in the 80's
My hovercraft... - full of eels. In any language you like.
My morning hair - Pointless nonsense picture gallary
My noise - Configurable relaxing background noise generator
My Random Thoughts - When will the test be over?
Mythology - Everything you ever wanted to know about ancient myths and legends
Nailing Jelly to a wall - Can it be done?
Name combiner - Generate a nickname using syllables from your favourite words.
Nanaca-Crash - Weird, pointless fun
NASA Buzzwords - Generate technobabble using a 1966 NASA Buzzword Generator
Nation States - Political simulation game - create your own nation.
Navy simulator - Simulate Naval life in your own home
Ncase me - Things you can play - mostly somewhat weird
Neave Television - uselfess telly without context
Nekra Psaria - Dead Fish, apparently. Creepy escape game
Neon Flames - Paint your own nebulae
Net Slang Translator - translatin ur text for teh internet
Neun und neunzig - 99 Red Balloons. Burst them.
Never Ending Level - Pointless puzzle
Never nowhere - Circular music
Never the same - A web page that pointlessly changes on every refresh
New Math - Tom Lehrer song with animations. How's your octal?
New Years Exercise - Now's the time...
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