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Pointless Animations

Pointless funny animations made by people with too much time on their hands. Comic animations that are funny, weird and suprising. Pointless creativity at its height...

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Toing -
Flagwaver - Use your own image or find a flag on the internet to wave on a pole.
DDDance party - Cool dancing! Click the circles at the top to control the dance moves.
The Maker - A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.
Transformation - Every transformation from The Transformers
Flying Puppet -
Wintergatan Linerider - Beautiful Linerider synchronisation
Spaceship Day - A film script written by a computer.
Chaotic pendulums - Two chaotic pendulums produce a tasty graph. Be patient...
Fine Leather Jackets - Odd videos and artwork. Try Brainsiege
Motion Triptych IV - Satisfying triptych video. Check out parts I to V as well.
Animated Drawings - Bring your own drawings to life
Windy TV - Watch world-wide weather
The Bellies - Odd animation. Beware of the snails.
In The Past - Eveerything you see is in the past, apparently
Badger badger - Time to revive the old classic. 20 Year anniversary edition.
Many some - Drifting shapes. Refresh for new shapes.
Honk - Cyriak's back!
The Employment - Bleak animation about the alienation of work
Strider pond - Watch as a pond gets slowly populated by water striders.
Slow roads - Endless driving
Spinning rat - Spin that rat
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