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Pointless Animations

Pointless funny animations made by people with too much time on their hands. Comic animations that are funny, weird and suprising. Pointless creativity at its height...

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Don't hug me 6 - So that's what it was all about... ?
Dancing Lion - Because sometimes a lion just likes to dance.
Rock-Paper-Scissors - Does it cheat?
Darth -
Noot noot - Click to noot.
Shrimp Glockenspiel - Crab bongos, crabby crab bongos...
Nothing Ever Happens - Endless moonlit ripples
Piskel - Make your own animated pixel-art sprites.
Earth wind map - Animated map of the world's winds and ocean currents. Click, drag, zoom - loads of options.
Iceberger - Draw an iceberg, see how it would float
The Glitch - Life is a computer game. Sometimes things... glitch.
Entire world history - The history of the entire world
Spinning cow - Round and round it goes.
Pizza cats screen test - Miaow
Late for meeting - Maybe shouldn't have spent so long going to the store.
Neave Television - uselfess telly without context
Cows and cows and cows - by Cyriak
Dumb ways to die - Cute song, with a message...
Bat Cat - and mouse....
Yoda on the drums - ...
Flow - Weird art concept game (flashing images)
Slap Kirk - Slappin' the cap'n and spankin' Spock
Ninjaflex - NINJA - FLEX!
Muffin films - Animated films featuring muffins
Dumb Dinosaur - ....
Mandelbrot 2^1012 - Deep zoom into the Mandelbrot fractal. May make you dizzy...
Breadfish - Have you seen it? It's marvellous!
A day in the life of... - A McDonalds employee - interactive
Epic Conway's Life - Cellular Automata with epic music.
Every last drop - A nice lesson about water, just scroll down.
Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut - Star wars, recreated in 15-second crowd-sourced chunks.
GAG Quartet - 40 pointless memes in one song - Heaps of pointless interactive nonsense. Catchy domain name...
The Creation - An animation
Moments of Happiness - Very cute interactive 3D animations
Going to the store - Rubbery computer generated madness
Corgiorgy - Fortunately the site is not what it claims to be.
Animal Heartbeats - How fast does a Blue Whale's heart beat?
Please touch me - Drag the fingers
Bury me - Bury me with my money. What's the point?
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