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Pointless Animations

Pointless funny animations made by people with too much time on their hands. Comic animations that are funny, weird and suprising. Pointless creativity at its height...

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Doughnut Kitten - Miaomnomnomnom
Egg - "I love egg"
Short Trip - Beautiful hand-drawn animated tram ride. Just hold left or right to move.
Binary Clock - Display the time in binary (or hexadecimal, or smileys)... the ultimate geek clock site!
Japan - The History of Japan
Draw a stickman - Just draw a stickman....
Llama song - Yvette loved it so much she learnt all the lyrics!
Don't hug me I'm scared - Disturbing animation. Part 2 is here.
Ninja Cat comes closer without moving - I am bored
Magical Trevor - The original - an irritatingly catchy song
Animation vs Animator - Battle
Taking the Hobbits... - They're taking the hobbits to Isengard - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
All Your Base are belong to us - why be bored when you can listen to this...
mspaintadventures - This is just... peculiar.
18 years ago - "In the virtual world we can actually fly into the virtual fish tank"
Plasma Ball - A touch-sensitive plasma lamp simulator - lightning at your fingertips
Woot - 8 bit dancing guy
Magical Trevor 3 - Magic with a Chinchilla - third in the series - funny animation
Chicken Techno - ...
Don't hug me 5 - Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, 5 - contains gory bits.
Space is fun - bloop
Magical Trevor 2 - Trevor does a new trick, with a new song...
Day in the Life - A day in the life - a life simulator
Anasomnia - by Ana Somnia. Don't turn out the light...
Animation vs Animator 2 - The sequel....
Mountain King - Line Rider, perfectly synchronised to Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King"
Dancing freakishly - as this Kat....
Simon's Cat - Catnap
Magical trevor 4 - Magical toe
Cat solves printer problem - llol (literally)
Canvas Cycle - Beautiful 8-bit scenery
Chicken monkey duck - Sing along!
Angry Alien Bunny films - Movies condensed into 30 seconds and played by bunnies!
Dog - A pointless dog video
Blob opera - Ahhh eeeeh ooooh! Instant Verdi?
Sawyer - The "Lost" Version of the Llama song - comic animation
Elements - Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium....
KokorokokoroKOKOROkokoROKO - Sing along! Kokoro kokoro KOKORO kokoROKOkoro KOKOroko KORO koko Kokoro-chan iu na
Kaleidoscope - Just move the mouse. Click for a new effect.
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