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Saying "I am so bored (or Im so bored)?" Well, have we the site for you! YES!! The floor bored site of the internet - tons of pointless playthings, tools and things to fiddle with that you will not be so bored anymore. "Board sight" or "bored site" - It is your call....
Tools and utilities for the things you didn't know you needed tools and utilities for.

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Raccoonverter - A handy online converter tool!
Rick Astley Remixer - Mix your own Tex-metal Ballad-hop version
Rewind DVDs - Convenient mail-in DVD rewinding service
Milky Way - Can You See The Milky Way?
Mitt Romney - How to say"Mitt Romney" in different languages.
Generator generator - A generator that generates generators.
I need a prompt - A Yeti trying not to be seen by a hippie.
Shakespearean insult generator - ....
GifYouTube - Make animated GIFs out of YouTube videos.
Helioviewer - Fun with the Sun. Watch solar eruptions, make your own movies.
random lists - Random lists of random stuff
Is my computer on - Handy utility for checking whether your computer is switched on.
Name combiner - Generate a nickname using syllables from your favourite words.
Text faces - For all your text face needs
Plenty of time - Relax, you have plenty of time! Time enough to read the small-print?
How to.... - ... open a coconut. (almost useful)
Insanity Test - Pretty high chance if you are prepared to complete it....
Bigass Message - Something to say?
Maze-generator - Generate mazes, watch the computer solve them
Body visualizer - How would you look if...
Star Wars - Make your own Star Wars title screen
Incredibox - Now with four variations
Top hashtags - Current top instagram hashtags
Bomomo - Create post-modernist art worthy of the Tate. Ty MK.
Definitely - Yep, it's definitely definitely. Defiantly so.
Metric Birthday - When will you be 10,000 days old?
GibGen - A gibberish generator, based on statistics
Orange juice - How to pour orange juice into a glass.
Says-it - Make your own signs, badges, tickets, records, cassettes...
Motorway cameras - SEE the traffic!
Fake Music Generator - Random albums of computer generated music
When Tumblr is down - When Tumblr is down, don't panic! This site will tell you what to do.
Nostalgia machine - Music from your past. Re-live those days...
Piixemto - Fun quizzes to find your mental age, IQ, animal personality...
Comment parrot - Do you rage online at people you donít know? Then you need Comment Parrot.
Doge weather - Such mild. So wow.
Trivial proof - The proof is trivial!
Does the dog die? - Handy chart for animal-loving movie-goers
Objection! - Let someone know you disagree with them
Button Bass - Mix audio loops, play virtual instruments
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