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1. Purristan
2. Alter Ego
3. Woot
4. Cookie clicker
5. Psychic High School
6. cachemonet
7. 2015
8. Don't hug me... 4
9. Veryman
10. People in space

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Sound and Music

All the best musical and sound-oriented Pointless Sites, gathered together into
one symponic, philharmonic, cacophonic collection of sonic pointlessness. Pointless sounds, pointless music, pointless noise....
Pointless sites that include audio...

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Elephants - Pavarotti loves elephants
cachemonet - An exploration into the serendipitous collisions that occur between two randomly generated arrays. Um... yeah.
Daba Daba Dab - Sing along now!
Belgian pig - A Belgian pig - with a problem
Chicken Techno - ...
Masked Clown - Do you want fries with that?
Cats meowing - Keep pressing the button
Theremin - Leon Theremin plays the Theremin
Infinite Gangnam - Infinite Gangnam Style. How long before you have to click 'Make it stop'?
Cat Soundboard - Mrrrraaaooowww
Bring in the cats - Hey Griff... Bring in the cats!
Animal sounds - Italian elephants say 'baaa'
Nyan genre-hopping - So many Nyans!
catflixx - More cat videos than you could possibly need.
Chimpnology - Cyriak works his weird magic with some chimpanzees
Fishcakes - They are high in Omega3, you know.
Jungle - Jungle noise generator
Word crimes - "Weird Al" Yankovic dislikes bad grammar and poor spelling
Astrohamster - How far will the astrohamster fly before you can't take any more?
Monotunes - Pixel art + music
ApexVJ - Cool music visualizer. Search for a song, or try this
Rainbow dog - A remix featuring a dog barking wildly. There's also a rainbow background.
Gandalf - Nod-along-a-Gandalf
Incredibox - Now with four variations
Party Animal - Do you like to party?
I'm a banana - Someone else is also a banana.
Best of - When you want to check out the best of an artist's music
Bacon sizzling - Mmm... bacon...
Mastering - How to music really good - Mastering
I am a banana - From Parry Gripp
Nomnomnom - Nomnomnomnom nomnomnom
Handclap - An online hand clapping simulator. Congratulations!
Corgiorgy - Fortunately the site is not what it claims to be.
Fake Music Generator - Random albums of computer generated music
Doing - Doing doing doing
Caterpillar sick - My car runs on caterpillar sick... and amazingly, it works!
Procatinator - Cat vids plus music. Yay!
Nostalgia machine - Music from your past. Re-live those days...
Olaf's fancy footwork - Help Olaf with his dance moves
Duck song 3 - The duck is back - again! Is he planning something?
Duck song 2 - The annoying duck is back. First song here
heeeeeeeey! - hooooooooo!
Lobster sticks to magnet - every schoolboy knows.
Plink - A multiplayer music experience
Echo - Pattern-based music-making and mixing game
Infinite Jukebox - When you want to listen to your favorite song over and over again without getting tired of the song
Look up - Step away from that phone
Chicken Nugger - Your son is hungry. You don't understand.
Secrets for nicotine - Some odd interactive animations set to music. - Welcome to zombo com
Dramatic Chipmunk - OMG
My 70s TV - A nostalgic television simulator to remind you of the days of disco, shag carpet, and bell-bottoms.
Button Bass - Mix audio loops, play virtual instruments
Mario Sequencer - Compose your own Mario soundtrack
PS4 vs Xbox One - Which one is better?
Fanfare - Oompah oompah...
Nokia 3220 Disco - Those old phones knew how to party.
My noise - Configurable relaxing background noise generator
Falling falling - Complete with Shepard tone audio illusion.
Whitney Music Box - A mesmerizing mix of maths and music
Wilhelm Scream - The Wilhelm Scream, as featured in many a Hollywood production
Break glass - Go on, you know you want to.
patatap - Synaesthesia simulator.
Languages - Convincing gibberish, in many foreign accents.
The Tiptree Sneeze - Sometimes a simple "atchoo!" just isn't dramatic enough.
Endless forest - Night walk through an endless forest. WebGL demo.
Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass - amazing machine.
Wobbulator - Make your own 50's sci-fi sounds
Robot - Marquese Scott, cyborg.
Don't hug me I'm scared - Disturbing animation. Part 2 is here.
Multiplayer piano - Play piano with strangers
24 Hours of Happy - 24-hour music video - drag the circle to change the time of day
Music Timeline - See how music preferences have changed over time. Click to expand.
Beatles Anomalies - A massive list of anomalies in Beatles songs, for those who are interested in such things.
Word Disassociation - Enemy lasagna, robust below wax
Calm - Keep calm and... well, just keep calm.
Christmas greeting - A Christmas greeting from your pets
Hiyoooo! - Hiyoooo!
Road Bike Party 2 - Don't try this at home
The singing man - Swingy wingy
Sorting algorithms - Fifteen animated sorting algorithms in six minutes.
The Great Language Game - How many languages can you identify?
Hollywood Blockbuster Show - This is pretty clever stuff
Invisible cow - Find the invisible cow
Riddlydiddly - Ned Flanders, metal stylee
Elevator nyan - Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse
We like the moon - Ah, a blast from the past!
Sad toy cats - Meow meow I am a cat
Partridge gets lucky - Play that funky air bass Alan.
The Fox's backstory - How the fox discovered what to say
The Fox - Elephant goes toot. Seal goes ow ow ow. But what does the Fox say?
Burn the Rope - You have to burn the rope. The music is what makes this game.
Putin on the Ritz - George Bush and Vladimir Putin, just having a great time together.
Virtual Piano - Play using your keyboard. Click 'main menu' and try some music sheets. More music
Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
Steve the Egg - How do you wear pants without no legs?
Anasomnia - by Ana Somnia. Don't turn out the light...
Tune the radio - No idea what this is about.
BetaMaXmas - TV from another century
Seaquence - Make sea creatures make music
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