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Showcase - Your All-Time Favorite Pointless Sites

Your all time favorite sites for wasting time - the most pointless sites in the universe - ultimate time wasters - in your opinion. Can you think of a better way to waste time?

41.Get to Z - Fewer than 1% of players will ever get to Z
42.Internet Map - A map of the internet. You are here
43.Powder game - Fun with physics
44.Doge 2048 - Much 2048. Very doge. So entertain.
45.Four Squares - "I could still not stop, no matter how hard I tried" - waste huge amounts of more boredom...
46.The Game - In case there's anyone who's still not playing
47.Hyperbole and a half - ... bored?
48.Magical Trevor - The original - an irritatingly catchy song
49.Seed - Give natural selection a helping hand.
50.A Silent Forest - A text-based point-and-click adventure game
51.Unnecessary quotes - Bad punctuation spy...
52.My Mini City - Create your own city.... Visit ours (everyday).... Minute - Also check Holte city Holte (He found this beauty!)
53.Grow Island - ....
54.Cursor 10 - Co-operate with yourself to get to level 16 - love it!
55.Ninja Cat comes closer without moving - I am bored
56.Tangerine Panic - Avoid the tangerines...
57.Jedi Trainer - Master a light Sabre
58.My noise - Configurable relaxing background noise generator
59.Kaguya Table - RPG game.... love it! - (If not working - try a different browser - temperamental - just like the table flipper)
60.Daily Superpower - Saving the day....
61.Chillouts - Meditation and relaxation aid - coloured lights, soothing music. Great with headphones.
62.Lightning map - Real-time lightning maps
63.Doge weather - Such mild. So wow.
64.Chicken on a raft - ...on a monday morning...
65.Pointless Sites - Pointless link to pointless site of pointless sites...
66.Spam sandwich - Making a spam sandwich
67.Animation vs Animator - Battle
68.Interactive Buddy - Good for stress relief - one of the great time wasters of our time
69.Tattoo generator - Generates a tattoo from your text. But how do you get your arm into the printer?
70.Dogs and magic - How dogs react to magic
71.Creepy Girl - Wonderful weirdness - spooky realism
72.Is this your luggage? - Bit of a long shot....
73.Impending Doom - Interactive Doomsday clock(s) ... When will the world end? And how?
74.Bad kids jokes - Bad jokes submitted by kids. May be mildly offensive.
75.Mega Penny - Can you visualise 1 million coins?
76.My Random Thoughts - When will the test be over?
77.Objection! - Let someone know you disagree with them
78.You have to burn the rope (YHTBTR) - "Computer games are getting so hard these days..." Rewards you with a pointless song
79.More or less - Estimation and comparison game
80.iiiiiiii - !!!!!!!! (sound on)
81.Planet matching - ...
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Reliquary - The Most Neglected Pointless Sites


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