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1. Purristan
2. Woot
3. Chicken Techno
4. Psychic High School
5. Veryman
6. Alter Ego
7. People in space
8. Don't hug me... 4
9. Cookie clicker
10. Don't hug me I'm scared

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Blue Ball 2
Perfect fit

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Infinite Gangnam
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Showcase - Your All-Time Favorite Pointless Sites

Your all time favorite sites for wasting time - the most pointless sites in the universe - ultimate time wasters - in your opinion. Can you think of a better way to waste time?

1.Falling Sand Game - Interactive plaything - a great way of wasting time.
2.The most seconds - that you can stand the bordom...
3.Ireland vs France - Handy little game
4.Cookie clicker - Click the cookie. Can you get the Time Machine? The Antimatter Condenser?
5.Click Click Click - Honorary remention of our benchmark site for pointlessness - Rank up your Country (Can we knock Hungary off the top spot??) in this pointless Click Game ;o) - (now with auto and turbo click)
6.Egg - "I love egg"
7.Tower Defence - We got to wave 64 - great pointless time waster!
8.Dino Run - Run run run little dino....
9.Alter Ego - Life could have been so different
10.Find the Difference - Spot the difference (s).... fun!
11.Feed the head - Just weird and Just updated 1. (Easy) Can you get it to breath fire? 2. (Harder) Can you "Feed the fish"?
12.Drama Button - Love it...
13.Cows go moo - Scratching posts?
14.Llama song - Yvette loved it so much she learnt all the lyrics!
15.Lol cats - Hundreds of pointless cat pictures...
16.Watching Grass grow - hmmm....
17.One Tiny Hand - Pictures of celebrities with one tiny hand.
18.The guy that wants spam - Possibly the only person in the world who wants pointless spam emails...
19.Beardest - Beard-rating fun
20.Grow cube - Game from 'ON' (solution somewhere on this site!)
21.Random Names game - How popular is your name? - find your name then vote for it.... A game to rank your name the highest??
22.Twisted Pac Man - Pac men ghoing for 80%
23.Screaming Beans - ahhh - cute little beans
24.Pirates - Are you a pirate?
25.The longest list -
26.Empire Attack - Unusual point and click territory game (ours) - now with 6 game types, an enhancement shop and clans :-)
27.Trololololololololo - .....
28.iGod - Repenting made easy timewaster. Talk to a machine with a brain the size of a planet.
29.Magical Trevor - The original - an irritatingly catchy song
30.Alice - chat to an AI robot!
31.My Mini City - Create your own city.... Visit ours (everyday).... Minute - Also check Holte city Holte (He found this beauty!)
32.Daily False Facts - A daily dose of lies and falsehood.
33.A Silent Forest - A text-based point-and-click adventure game
34.The Game - You can never win
35.Grow Island - ....
36.Tangerine Panic - Avoid the tangerines...
37.Unnecessary quotes - Bad punctuation spy...
38.Celebrities as kids - Famous people when they were kids.
39.Four Squares - "I could still not stop, no matter how hard I tried" - waste huge amounts of more boredom...
40.Hyperbole and a half - ... bored?
41.Kaguya Table - RPG game.... love it! - (If not working - try a different browser - temperamental - just like the table flipper)
42.Daily Superpower - Saving the day....
43.Jedi Trainer - Master a light Sabre
44.Chief Suspect - What happened to Lucy? Solve a decades old cold case with nothing but a newspaper!
45.Interactive Buddy - Good for stress relief - one of the great time wasters of our time
46.Pointless Sites - Pointless link to pointless site of pointless sites...
47.My life is average - Why would you read about other peoples average day...
48.Tattoo generator - Generates a tattoo from your text. But how do you get your arm into the printer?
49.Spam sandwich - Making a spam sandwich
50.Animation vs Animator - Battle
51.You have to burn the rope (YHTBTR) - "Computer games are getting so hard these days..." Rewards you with a pointless song
52.Bad kids jokes - Bad jokes submitted by kids. May be mildly offensive.
53.Objection! - Let someone know you disagree with them
54.Get to Z - Fewer than 1% of players will ever get to Z
55.Mega Penny - Also check the MegaMoo link...
56.Planet matching - ...
57.iiiiiiii - !!!!!!!! (sound on)
58.Pinguin Extreme - flying penguin with mines! You will never say "I'm bored" again! - Just keep coming here! (top by Michael T Farrell II 1379).
59.Hen to hen - More hens than you could possibly need
60.Taking the Hobbits... - They're taking the hobbits to Isengard
61.Impending Doom - Interactive Doomsday clock(s) ... When will the world end? And how?
62.Line Rider - Huge amounts of time to waste?... draw lines so a little skier dude can ride them... (check the "movies" link for examples)
63.Screen Cleaner - Cute dog licking the screen - amusing slobberyness (new link)
64.Free Rice - Play and feed hungry people. Not pointless, but kind of neat, in a interesting unusual sort of way. So it gets into the "Slightly Interesting" category!
65.Cursor 10 - Co-operate with yourself to get to level 16 - love it!
66.Ninja Cat comes closer without moving - I am bored
67.Don't pop it - Oh go on, you know you want to
68.CivClicker - Build a civilisation, simply by clicking.
69.Binary Clock - Display the time in binary (or hexadecimal, or smileys)... the ultimate geek clock site!
70.Fly Guy - Dreamy!
71.Chicken on a raft - ...on a monday morning...
72.Achievement unlocked - 99 to get?
73.Definitely - Yep, it's definitely definitely. Defiantly so.
74.Kim Jong-il - looking at things...
75.Don't hug me I'm scared - Disturbing animation. Part 2 is here.
76.Draw a stickman - Just draw a stickman....
77.Cover Photos HQ - Facebook cover photos, hundreds of 'em
78.Creepy Girl - .....wonderful weirdness - spooky realism
79.MOTAS - Mystery Of Time And Space - Pointless waste of huge amounts of time!
80.Dot On The Horizon - It's so far away....
81.You are in a forest - A classic. See what people are saying about
82.Line 3d - Pointless hypnotic 3d - Try following "the tail"
83.I saw her standing there... - ...but she was a zombie.
84.Four second Frenzy - A bunch of 4 second games
85.Doge 2048 - Much 2048. Very doge. So entertain.
86.Helicopter - Fly the helicopter! Yay! (4181 by Nizzle)
87.Robot Unicorn Attack - ...
88.The Fox - Elephant goes toot. Seal goes ow ow ow. But what does the Fox say?
89.Has the LHC destroyed the earth? - (Large Hadron Collider) - the latest LHC update here....
90.All Your Base are belong to us - why be bored when you can listen to this to us...
91.Internet Map - A map of the internet. You are here
92.mspaintadventures - This is just... peculiar.
93.Idiot Test - hummm... we reached "Smart"!
94.Loads-a-buttons - - "Instants" (Site takes a while to load...)
95.Reach more than 50 seconds - or is it 18?
97.Sugar, Sugar - How to do level 19?.... love it...
98.Life hacks - Handy tips to get you through some of life's problems
99.Pixels - love it - reminds me of the old days...
100.Flame painter - paint in flames...

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