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This month's top sites
1. Cookie clicker
2. Alter Ego
3. Don't hug me I'm scared
4. Lars Andersen archery
5. Bigass Message
6. The Game
7. Empire Attack
8. Rebel Magic
9. Psychic High School
10. Random art

Today's Random
Pointless Sites

The Sheep Market
Crates and Barrels
Doodle devil

Most Unpopular Site
Christmas greeting
animationscompletely pointlessgames and puzzleshypnotic
interactive playthingsoddpicturespointless numbers
slightly interestingsound and musictoolsshowcase

Reliquary - The Most Neglected Pointless Sites

The pointless sites with the least votes - pointless relics. If a site is listed here - it must be REALLY bad! Rescue a site from this ignominious page - vote for it now! These pointless relic sites are listed "least votes" first IYSWIM.
The most Unpopular pointless site is at the top - Vote for it and it will probably move postion! Yay!

Christmas greeting - A Christmas greeting from your pets
Bread plane - Bread plane puns - will have you 'roll'ing in the aisles. Geddit?!?
Odyssey - A journey through the ages of computer gaming
Mount Huashan - The world's most dangerous hiking trail
Fanfare - Oompah oompah...
pyongyang racer - Possibly the most boring racing game ever made.
Captain Foraxian - Galaxian-inspired arcade game. Space and arrow keys. Pew pew pew!
Hunt the Wumpus - Classic text adventure that takes place on a dodecahedron. I smell a Wumpus!
Top hashtags - Current top instagram hashtags
Running backwards - UK Backwards Running Championships
Worlds Rarest Metals - Silver? Gold? Palladium?
Scanwiches - pictures of sandwiches
Miserable bastard - An unhappy lady at!
Guimp - compact! Worlds smallest web site????
Toing - - Really, why do people do this?
The Infinite Cat Project - Yup! Completely pointless pictures...
Numbers - Distinctive but mostly useless facts
World Beard Championships -
Price points - Get facts on the best numbers for pricing... (
Warthog Launch - Explosions and flying vehicles
The Great Vegetable -
Banana faces - Fruity faces
Traffic Light Wars - Green's feeling chipper
Yoga Kitty - Yoga Videos for you and your cat
Leprechaun - Find the leprechaun - useless site!
Crabby Cow - gift...
Physics - ...
Swimming with Labradors - .....
Strange facts - "Dolphins sleep with one eye open"

Showcase - Your All-Time Favorite Pointless Sites

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