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1. Cookie clicker
2. estipaper
3. Alter Ego
4. Clicker heroes
5. Spam sandwich
6. Bacon sizzling
7. Objection!
8. Useless Site
9. Weirdly
10. G-Switch

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Crazy rabbit
Escape the ladies room
Magical trevor 4

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Reliquary - The Most Neglected Pointless Sites

The pointless sites with the least votes - pointless relics. If a site is listed here - it must be REALLY bad! Rescue a site from this ignominious page - vote for it now! These pointless relic sites are listed "least votes" first IYSWIM.
The most Unpopular pointless site is at the top - Vote for it and it will probably move postion! Yay!

pohtpof - Pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food.
Hapland - Hapland - point and click game
Racewalk - Simply walk 50K and you might win the race!
Nic Cage as Everyone - Truly he's a master of disguise
Cillit Bang - ... and the dirt is gone.
Doodle devil - Combine things, make new things.
Nightmare before Easter - The truth must be told
Blood-typing game - Work out your patients' blood type, administer the correct transfusion
Cereal guide - A handy guide to cereal-box characters
Cut Food - Pictures of food cut in half
Museum of hoaxes - Top 100 April fool's hoaxes
Bad Piggies 2 - Build machines, help the pigs get the eggs.
Fridge magnets - Multiuser fridge poetry
Only nothing - Cartoon sounds in the dark
Franker Zee - Franker Zee Franker Zee Franker Zee Franker Zee
Butterup - Complimentary compliments to improve your day
Cryptic Canvas - 50 movies hidden in a painting.
Telepathy advertising - Have you telepathic skills? Want to join an advertising team? Does anyone believe this stuff?
Hungover owls - Post-party pictures of owls
Tiny faces - People with tiny faces.
Pyramid run - The mummies will get you in the end.
Slime Laboratory 2 - You are a blob of green slime with googly eyes.
Keanu Reeves is immortal - Can it really be true?
Exchange Frog - Try to swap the positions of the frogs. Click a frog to make it hop forward 1 or 2 places.
Prince of Persia - You have 8 minutes to stop the Vizier unleashing the Sands of Time
Isoball XI - Build a track to get the ball to roll into the hole
Lars adventure - We all know the atomic bomb is very dangerous
BetaMaXmas - TV from another century
Screenshots of despair - Ever feel that technology is trying to tell you something?
Truck Loader 4 - Use the electromagnet to stack boxes onto the truck

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