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1. Monday punday
2. Cookie clicker
3. I saw her standing there...
4. Wisefiction
5. Alter Ego
6. Don't pop it
7. Objection!
8. Spam sandwich
9. CivClicker
10. Doge 2048

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Picture puzzles
animationscompletely pointlessgames and puzzleshypnotic
interactive playthingsoddpicturespointless numbers
slightly interestingsound and musictoolsshowcase

Reliquary - The Most Neglected Pointless Sites

The pointless sites with the least votes - pointless relics. If a site is listed here - it must be REALLY bad! Rescue a site from this ignominious page - vote for it now! These pointless relic sites are listed "least votes" first IYSWIM.
The most Unpopular pointless site is at the top - Vote for it and it will probably move postion! Yay!

Picture puzzles - A collection of picture puzzles
Today is the day - ....
The Sheep Market - More than 10,000 sheep to choose from....
The Map - alt character map - get pictues in your line of text.
Clearly closed - Storefronts that leave their "open" sign on long after they've closed....
One to One Million - A video of every number from 1 to 1,000,000
Another day another word - A place to contemplate a random word....
Linux penguin (not a duck) - .....
My Schizophrenic Brain - ...
Food Art - including cake art
Zefrank... - talented?
Missing link - A couple of minutes of pointless nonsense.... :o)
The Cloud appreciation society - says "We beleive that clouds are unjustly maligned"
What are those kids doing? - Pointless pictures of kids
Enclave Radio - for all your....
Fish Jump - Solitaire - but with fish
Halloween or Williamsburg - Those crazy people in Williamsburg,,,
Zephyronics - Not actually pointless.... Good for them - neat idea
Mini-Putt 3 - Miniature golf game
Silly Boy - Yarrr.
howtobakeapotato - How to bake a potato. There's a lot more to it than just shoving it in the oven. Apparently.
ilovepickles - Plenty of pointlessly pickle-related pastimes.
Nyanicorn - With two different game scenarios
Elevator Moods - Weird (and slightly eerie!) short movie clips filmed in elevators.
pointless platformer - Just collect the burgers. Completely pointless.
Hobbit trailer cats - It's the hobbit trailer, with cats.
Widget - getting a loan - A bank manager who wants to be an impressionist.
Lightbulb jokes - All the lightbulb jokes you're ever likely to need.
Underwater toroidal vortices - Beautiful examples of underwater toroidal vortices. With dolphins.
Dancing in the dark - Dancing in the dark can be a dangerous activity

Showcase - Your All-Time Favorite Pointless Sites

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