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This month's top sites
1. Centre of the Earth
2. Rhett and Lick
3. Alter Ego
4. Cookie clicker
5. What colour is it?
6. Psychic High School
7. Empire Attack
8. Don't hug me I'm scared
9. Purristan
10. Bigass Message

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Celsius converter
Dog beards

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animationscompletely pointlessgames and puzzleshypnotic
interactive playthingsoddpicturespointless numbers
slightly interestingsound and musictoolsshowcase

Reliquary - The Most Neglected Pointless Sites

The pointless sites with the least votes - pointless relics. If a site is listed here - it must be REALLY bad! Rescue a site from this ignominious page - vote for it now! These pointless relic sites are listed "least votes" first IYSWIM.
The most Unpopular pointless site is at the top - Vote for it and it will probably move postion! Yay!

catflixx - More cat videos than you could possibly need.
Lots of words - Every possible word of up to 4 letters.
Pattern memory - Remember the squares, then click them. Gets pretty tricky!
Dream Car Racing 2 - More build-your-own car shenanigans
Noodle timer - 3-minute timer for instant noodles
Swimming with Labradors - .....
Go George Go! - A complete and total waste of time and mental power
Rest room map - If you are ever caught short in Australia....
Random Internet Slang - Choose "Random" in the menu for another. IYSWIM
Tessellation animations - Watch while the animations tessellate...
Memory tones - ...
Domain poets - ....
David Hellman - interactive....
Paths game - pointless pathways....
Zefrank - pointless...?
Your age on other worlds - Who cares?
Stick and Spinning thing game... - Get your orange stick to the spinning thing...
Mr Picassohead - Why would you want to do better than this? or this? by Paradox (William)
David - "Tireless" (and useless and pointless)
Tiling - Pointless in a hypnoticic sort of way.
Stackopolis - Block stacking to music
Lethargic Lad - Huh?
Color Fight - What is your favorite (favourite) color (colour)?
Highly Magnified Images - A collection of images of things up very close...
Poodle Game - ....
Floaty Light - Unusual "blow the bubble" game....
Uncategorized categories - ....
Metaphorical - Left brain, right brain...
Electricity Pylons around the world - Pylon pictures
List of Unicodes - Useless unless you need a "Heavy teardrop-shanked rightward arrow"

Showcase - Your All-Time Favorite Pointless Sites

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