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1. Pointless diagrams
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5. 9007199254740992
6. Alter Ego
7. Seed
8. Vader on a Unicycle
9. Arachnophilia
10. Hen to hen

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Tin Man
Grow RPG

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Museum of hoaxes
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Pointless Pictures

A gallery of cool pictures, funny pictures, and weird/odd pictures. These pictures (sights) have been submitted to pointless sites as examples of pointlessness. Although we think some are funny and slightly cool - although it aint cool in the office today thats for sure. :-( What a picture!
Also pointless sights...

Sort by: Top Voted first, Newest first, A-Z - Blend famous faces into nightmare chimeras. Check out the gallery!
13311 tower - Conspiracy theorist's desk. - "Unorthodox sites for open minded people" it says here....(by us)
24:Three - A 24-hour Hypercomic, apparently
Agitated Chicken - The chicken is agitated
Animals on the Underground - Animal pictures found in the London Underground map.
Apon - ....
Awesome people - ...just hanging out together
Awkward family photos - .....
Bad people - Scraper detection link - If this link and text is anywhere other than on then this, and other Pointless Sites content, has been stolen by bad people....
Bea Arthur, Pizza and mountains - all together
Beards - Know your beards! Use the Expanded Beard Type Chart.
Beards from below - creepy
Bee dogs - ...Oh to be a bee dog dog...
Bee Dogs - Pictures of dogs in bee costumes!
biggest stuff - A site listing big things
Birds with arms - Birds, with arms
Blinken Lights - pointed with poppencorken sparker
Blous - Funny pictures.
Blue ball machine - The blue ball machine is back!
Brides throwing cats - Why do people do this stuff?
Bus of the week - .....
Camera Max - How to use those fancy modes on a digital camera
Carpets for airports - Reports on airport carpets from around the world. With pictures.
Cat pounce - Splat
Cat vs Internet - The story of one cat's search for just a little attention.
Cats - All the cat videos you could ever want
Celebrities as kids - Famous people when they were kids.
Celebs with no eyebrows - Someone with photoshop has waaayyy too much time on thier hands...
Cereal guide - A handy guide to cereal-box characters
Chesscoaster - Some games just can't be interrupted
Circuit diagram - Looks cool - what does it do?
Clearly closed - Storefronts that leave their "open" sign on long after they've closed....
Cookies - This website uses cookies (What are cookies?)
Cover Photos HQ - Facebook cover photos, hundreds of 'em
Cow abduction - ...
Crates and Barrels - Useful if you are looking to find Crates and Barrels in Video games....
Crazy cars - Some people really like their cars to stand out.
Creepy Horse Mask - Check the gallery
Cut Food - Pictures of food cut in half
Daily Superpower - Saving the day....
Daily Trash -
darth-vader-design - 12 things that look like Darth Vader
David Bowie is... - ...
Dice me - the suspense...
Dog beards - People with dog beards. Or dogs with people faces.
Dog shaming - Canine confessions
Doorstop - Boing!
dream7 - Odd art site
Eating Sandwiches - Artistic blog - not really pointless but worth a visit!
Electricity Pylons around the world - Pylon pictures
Engrish - We are always good friend. It's constant.
Eric Emotion -
Escher Ascending in Lego - See if you can work it out without scrolling down...
EuroBad74 - Worst Interiors of 1974 - Cool!
Eve the novel - (not strictly 'pointless' but unusual anyhow)
Everest - Everest in ultra hi-res. Go full-screen, use mousewheel to zoom, drag to scroll.
Everything you see is in the past - ....
Extreme ironing - ...
Face replace - A website showing people putting random objects in front of their face.
Faces in Places - Faces seen in unexpected places
Faces of Facebook - Try and find yourself. Actually this is a bit creepy.
Famous Paintings Parody 4 - Art quiz game, now on level 4
Find the Difference - Spot the difference (s).... fun!
Flying Puppet -
Food Art - including cake art
Four Squares - "I could still not stop, no matter how hard I tried" - waste huge amounts of more boredom...
Fruitify me - Some fruity ideas
Funny Sign - and others....
galaxyzoo - See your message written in galaxies
Gallery of regrettable food - A collector's comments on old cookbook photos.
Gaping maws - The biggest gallery of yawning animals we've ever seen
Garfield minus Garfield - The comic strip with Garfield taken out.... (G-G)
gif-in-gif - Make your own perpetually zooming images
Gigapan - Massive zoomable panoramic photos - even read the text on the little nuts!
Gnome pun intended - Bad gnome puns, with cartoons
Gorgeous - 'allo Gorgeous
gruntle me - Disgruntled? Not for very much longer...
Hall of Bill - Pictures of Bills
Halloween or Williamsburg - Those crazy people in Williamsburg,,,
Hats of Meat - Meat being the main ingredient of these hats (pointless sights)
Hen to hen - More hens than you could possibly need
Highly Magnified Images - A collection of images of things up very close...
Hippo Paint - Instant colouring, find any picture you like.
Horse with hands riding a bike - ...(pictures of)
Hot-dog legs - Pictures of legs looking like hot-dogs.
How to do stuff - Useful instructions on how to do stuff
HTTP Status cats - HTTP status codes, demonstrated by... cats?
Hue Test - Check your colour vision - drag and drop each row so the colours are in order from left to right. Low scores are best.
Human Descent - Random animals morphed together...
Hungover owls - Post-party pictures of owls
Hungry trees - Why you should never stand still in a forest
I has a bucket - .... - Just to clarify, he IS NOT Barack Obama.
Interactive Illusions - Interactive/animated optical illusions.
Interactive Triangulation - This site belongs here...
Jim Carrey - Lots of weird and wonderful but pointless animated happenings.
keepcalm-o-matic - Make your own inspirational poster
Kim Jong-il - looking at things...
Kitten War -
Kittywigs - Wigs for teh kittehz
laser eyes - Add laser eyes to your own photos (needs an up-to-date browser)
Legless Lego Legolas - What? Why?!
Lethargic Lad - Huh?
Life-size Blue Whale - A life-size blue whale. This whale is click-and-draggable.
Linux penguin (not a duck) - .....
Llamafont - Something to say? Say it with llamas! Cure for boredom at its best
Lol cats - Hundreds of pointless cat pictures...
London panorama - World record 320 Gigapixel, 360 degree London panorama.
Look at that hat - Should I grab it?
Look of disapproval - ...
Look-alikes - Look-a-like pictures....
Man Babies - A website that swaps babies and dads heads around
Manhole covers - Les regards présentés ici ont été choisis pour leur qualité esthétique....
Mediaeval Bestiary - Natural history in the Middle Ages. Check out the elephant!
Men who look like Kenny Rogers - ....
meowmania - Just click...
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