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Pointless Pictures

A gallery of cool pictures, funny pictures, and weird/odd pictures. These pictures (sights) have been submitted to pointless sites as examples of pointlessness. Although we think some are funny and slightly cool - although it aint cool in the office today thats for sure. :-( What a picture!
Also pointless sights...

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How the sun sees you - UV videography. Wear sunscreen.
Is this your luggage? - Bit of a long shot....
I has a bucket - ....
Mississippi - History of the Mississippi River, and loads of other interesting maps.
Breaking News - Break Your Own News
Caption Bot - A bot that describes pictures. Test it with online images.
Walk of Life - Movie endings improved with Dire Straits Walk of Life playing over them.
Photobomber - Solve puzzles using Flickr tagged images
Kitten War - May the best cat win
Creepy Horse Mask - Check the gallery
South Park character creator - Create South Park characters...
Highly Magnified Images - A collection of images of things up very close...
Stepping feet motion illusion - It's just an illusion...
Penny towers - hundreds of pictures of pennies....
Image 2 Emoji - Turn any image into a collage of emojis
Sturgeon Face - :(
Cat Gifs - Chill out and watch some cat gifs
good dog - Oddly pointless
S.w.a.t. - Selfies with a twist
Calming Brits - Calming Brits (and Irishfolk)
Birds with arms - Birds, with arms
Milky Way - The Milky Way in 46 gigapixels
Avatar maker - Recreate yourself as an avatar
Mens 70's fashion ads - Oh dear.
Scott Kelly Photos - 51 Photos from Astronaut Scott Kelly
Puppy Tummy - - Eh?
Mr Breakfast - Make your own breakfast ceral box
Concentric selections - It's just concentric selection rectangles on a gradient.
360 panoramas - Interactive hi-res 360 degree panoramas
Free eye test - Test your ability to distinguish different shades
Piskel - Make your own animated pixel-art sprites.
Daily Jigsaw - While away the hours with a daily jigsaw puzzle
Mars Trek - NASA site, an interactive Mars map, with a 3D mode
Most awesomest - Vote for the most awesomest thing ever
Disapproval - How many people have been disapproved of?
Drawception - Draw, describe, draw, describe, draw, describe, repeat...
Sad animal facts - Cartoons about sad animals
Starbucks name - Get your Starbucks name, written on a real cup.
Milky Way - Can You See The Milky Way?
Running from Camera - Completely bonkers...
Marvelous Mars - Mars in a billion pixels. Keep scrolling...
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